Finally – a Chance to Blog!

Wow!  Mom has been so busy this week that I thought I’d never get a chance to blog. She was working long hours at work, so the computer was off and unplugged.  I hated that.  I didn’t have a chance to type anything.  That made me angry!  And, she was so busy running to and from work, washing her work clothes, and getting food to bring to work, that I thought that she’d forgotten about me. That scared me.  I even thought she might still be mad at me for clawing her.  So, I prayed, “God, what is going on here?!  My Mom is M.I.A.  Could you please tell why this is happening?!  It isn’t because I clawed her last week, is it?”

To my surprise I heard Him say, No, it’s not.  However, Grace, in order to understand this, you need to know about what she’s going through.”

Then, I got a picture in my head of Mom at work.  She was cashiering.  There were tons of people in line.  They kept coming at her—even when she needed a break.  A few of them were rude to her.  Some of the customers even stormed out of the store after they found out it was out of stock of what they wanted.   Even worse, one man even made her get him a heavy chair, put it back, and then decided that he didn’t want it after all.  That wasn’t fair!  So, I asked God, “God, why doesn’t she just claw them in the face?

He replied, Because then she’d go to jail.  Then where would you live?  And just in case you’re wondering why she’s working so much, here is a picture of her bank balance.

All I could say was, “Ohhhhh . . . I didn’t know it was like that.”  Then I shut up.  He is God after all!

After I saw what was going on, I supported her.  I was nice to her even though I felt ignored.  And, I noticed that she did take time to snuggle me and play with me even though she was exhausted.  I appreciated that.  I’m glad that things are back to normal, though.

I have to say that seeing what she goes through has made me very grateful that I am a cat.  I know that if I were human and had to do her job I’d either get fired or end up in jail.  So, I’m going to enjoy my privilege of being able to take catnaps whenever I want to and let her handle the bills.  I don’t need that kind of pressure in my life!

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