I’m In Big Trouble with Momma!

Yes, I got into trouble—-again.  It all started when Mom was trying to “train” me to go on the couch with her.  I really don’t like doing that.  However, I went up to her on the couch and let her pet me for a minute.  Then, I walked away from her and had fun by going just out of her reach behind the lamp.  To entice me to come to her, Mom wiggled her fingers at me. I thought she wanted to play.  So, I pounced on her arm and dug my claws in!

Well, you would have thought that I committed murder.  Cries of “Bad cat!” and, “How could you do this to me!” resounded through the air.  So, I hid under the bed.  I did not appreciate it when she told me that I could stay under it—-forever.  However, after a few minutes went by, I figured that she’d calmed down.  So, I came out from under the bed and gave her my best, “What’s the big deal here,” look as I jumped up on the windowsill.  That was a bad idea.

She followed me and scruffed me, while pointing at two tiny claw marks on her arm.  Then she made it very clear to me that I was never to lift a paw to her again!  I wanted to say, “Hey lady, if I’d really wanted to claw you, you wouldn’t have an arm left!”  I knew that was a bad idea, though, so I walked away.  Then, I had to endure her glares for the rest of the day.

Things are almost back to normal now.  Mom is speaking to me again.   I’m glad she is, but I still don’t see why she got so upset! I mean we are talking about two tiny claw marks here.  If any of you cats can explain her behavior to me, I’d really appreciate it.  Thanks!



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