We Almost Had a Computer Virus!

Hi cats.  I’m sorry that I haven’t posted for so long.  Both Mom and I have been busy.  However, I had to do a quick post to tell you about the latest adventure in our lives—our almost having a computer virus.

It all started when my . . . sigh . . . our computer didn’t boot up.  When that happened, I thought Mom would go into shock.  She didn’t, though.  Instead, she did what was necessary to get our computer up and running.  Once she got it going, she found out that our virus protection was not working.  I don’t know much about the technical side of computers, but I know that’s not a good thing.  Even worse, she suspected that we might have an actual computer virus!

At that point, our apartment turned into a war zone.  I actually saw my Mom use cat-like skills to put our computer to rights.  She relentlessly stalked what she called “the evil program” on our computer.  She prowled the Internet to restore our anti-virus program.  I even heard her saying things like, “I will kill this virus if it’s the last thing I do!”  Wisely, I stayed away from her.  I’d never seen her act like that!

I am happy to report that after much prayer, downloading, and drama, she got everything back to normal.  Even better, she started acting normally again.  I was glad to see that because that killer cat side of her personality scared me!

That’s it for now.  Type to you soon, cats!




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