Quick Update

I just wanted to let everyone know that I didn’t claw Mom.  After I typed my last post, I heard a familiar, “Pssssssssst, Grace?”  It was Angelina.  She is a very nice cat who has a home but gets to go outside.  I went to the window and talked to her.  She’s a good friend, so I told her everything that happened yesterday.  She was very sympathetic.  However, she told me that clawing Mom was a bad idea.  When I asked why, she told me that a lot of the cats I see outside lost their homes for doing that.  Then, she had to go.

I didn’t want to lose my home, so I didn’t claw Mom.  I did something even better.  I made her feel guilty!  I acted scared of her and looked at her with big sad eyes all day today.  It worked so well that she said that she was sorry that she had to take me to the vet!  I’ve got to go, though. She’s home, and I’m going to see if I can use this guilt thing to get some treats!



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