More Things that Mom and I See Differently

In my last post about my secret world, one of the things I talked about was how Mom and I see things differently.  Now, I’m going to describe more of the differences in how she and I see things. I am posting this for the cats, and especially the kittens,  who think they are crazy because they don’t see things like their human/s do.  I want to let you know that you are not crazy.  You just see things differently from your human.  That is normal, since cats and humans are two different species!

Here are some more of the things that we see differently:

She sees:  A cute little bird hopping along the ground.
I see:  Dinner.

She sees:  A sweet little bunny rabbit.
I see:  A sit-down dinner for four.

She sees: An adorable squirrel.
I see:  Again, dinner.

She sees:  A nice neighbor
I see:  A threat to our territory.  And, since I see everything that goes on around here, I know that neighbor is not as nice as Mom thinks she is!

She sees:  A poor, pathetic stray cat that she’d like to help.
I see:  That mean cat that talks trash to me.

She sees:  A scruffy, raggedy looking cat.
I see:  Herb—the heartthrob of our neighborhood.

She sees:  That nice guy who always says, “Hi,” to her.
I see:  A two-legged tomcat in heat!

Now cats, I’d like to hear from you. What do you and your human/s see differently?  I’m looking forward to your posts!


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