We Found Callie!

Hi everyone.  I have some great news to report.  We found Callie today!

I have to admit that this morning; I was ready to give up on looking for her.  It had been over a week since she disappeared.  So, I decided to look for her one more time.  Then, if I didn’t find her, I figured that I’d tell the other cats that I’d given up.  As I went to the window, a word kept going through my mind:  Pray.  And, I remembered that Angelina ended the Council of Cats by telling us to do that while we were looking for Callie.  I’d forgotten about that. I thought that I could find Callie all by myself.  Well, that wasn’t working.  So, I prayed, God, I give up!  I can’t find Callie without You.  Will You please help me?

I almost fainted when I heard Him say, Yes.  I didn’t like it when He added; It’s about time that you figured that out, though.

So, I did my usual search routine, but this time, I prayed.  Then, the miracle happened.  I was looking out of our bedroom window when I heard a still small voice say, Gracie, look up.

I replied, “Does that mean I get to see You, God?  Cool!  The other cats will be so jealous.”

I could have sworn I heard Him sigh.  Then I had a strong feeling to look up at the top window of the apartment across the courtyard from us.  So I did that—and I saw a small shape jumping up and down in it.  I figured it was a weird Christmas decoration or something.  Then I heard Him say, Look again.

When I did that, I heard a familiar, “Meow.”  It was Callie!

I was so excited that I fell out of the window.  Then, I yelled, “Hey!  Everybody, look!  I found Callie!”


I quickly changed my words.  “Pssst—everyone.  God showed me where Callie was!”

After I said that, every cat in the neighborhood came running to my window.  All of them looked and saw Callie waving at them.  Everyone noticed that she looked very happy.  We wanted to know what happened, so we sent Simone, the Stealth Cat to talk to her.  Simone is a grey cat who can sneak into human homes without them having a clue that she is there.  Simone was gone for a while.  Then, she came back and told us that Callie’s prayers had been answered—she’d found a home with humans who loved her.  After she’d given her report, Simone added, “And, Callie has been trying to let us know where she was ever since she’s been adopted.  However, a certain cat was sleeping on patrol duty.  I wonder who that was?”

I sighed.  Then, I admitted, “It was me.  All of that detective work made me tired.”

There was a long silence as all of the cats glared at me.  Then, Angelina said, “It’s OK.  The main thing is that we found her!”

I was relieved when everyone agreed with her.  Then, all of the cats thanked God in their own ways.  After that, everyone left after Simone promised us that she’d stay in touch with Callie.  I’m looking forward hearing about how she’s doing.  I’ve got to go, though.  Mom is finally home, and I need some attention!


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