Mean Dog Update

I just wanted all of you to know what is happening with my friends and the mean dog. The good news is that he hasn’t been able to catch any of them—so far. The bad news is that he’s still chasing them. And, there is a new kitten outside, Max, that all of us are worried about. So, we are teaching Max what he needs to know about taking evasive action. I was so worried about him that I tried to get Mom to take him into our home. I did that by yowling at the window while looking at Mom, and pointing a claw at Max. All that did was make her say, “Grace, everything is OK outside. There’s nothing for you to worry about.” I thought, Oh yes there is. There is a kitten that might be killed out there! As usual, though, she didn’t listen to me. Humans can be so clueless!

So, I will continue to try to protect him no matter what Mom does. And—oh, here comes Angela. They must have had a Council of Cats. I’ll be right back!

I’m sorry about the interruption, cats. I had to stop typing to find out what the Council of Cats decided to do about this situation. After much yowlgument, they decided that if that dog threatens any of us again, they will form a group of ten cats to jump him. Then, they will give him a clawing that he’ll never forget. They even created a secret signal that all of us can use if we see that dog coming. We are hoping that once he sees that we can protect ourselves, he will leave us alone. I have to go, though. I have to teach Max the secret signal! Type to you later, cats—and please keep praying for us. Thanks!

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