Things Are Getting Crazy Around Here—Again

Hello, cats.  First, I want to thank all of you for your prayers.  No one has seen the Mean Dog in our neighborhood.  So, I wanted to let you know that your prayers worked.

However, just as things in my secret life are getting back to normal, guess who’s getting crazy?  Mom.  Today, she took down that Christmas tree I told you about before.  While doing that, she said things like, “This tree has to go!” and “I will not rest until I complete this mission!”  Even worse, she kept throwing things around, and re-organizing the closet while she was packing up the tree.  So boxes, and laundry baskets, and all kinds of things flew in and out of that closet.  That led me to almost getting knocked in the head several times with the things that she was throwing around.  So, I took evasive action and hid under the bed.  I’m glad that I did that, because she took out the cat killer vacuum after that.

That woman is being nice to me now, but I’m still mad that she didn’t care if she hurt me while she put away that tree.  I mean what is more important, our house being organized or me?  I guess I know the answer to that now.  So, I’m going plot my revenge . . . errr . .  . play with her.  Maybe I’ll be able to “accidentally” scratch her!  Type to you later, cats!


OOPS—I posted on the WordPress Blackout day.  I’m sorry everyone!


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