Everyone’s Talking to Me Again!

Hi cats.  I am happy to report that my friends are talking to me again.  Here’s what happened:

After I wrote my last blog entry, I went to the window and yowled, “Hey everyone.  I have been selfish and I’m sorry!  I was wrong not to help you when all of you were freezing out there.” After I said that, there was a long silence.  So, I yowled, “Hey!  I am apologizing here. You’re supposed to forgive me!”

Again, there was no answer.  So, in desperation I yowled, “All right. I will sneak some of you into my house if it gets cold again!”

After I said that, a little voice said, “It’s about time you said that, Grace.  I almost froze to death and you didn’t care!”  I looked to see who was speaking to me.  It was Max, the homeless kitten that I’ve written about before.  He added, “I’ll be the first one to sneak in your house when it gets cold again!”

Well, I wasn’t too happy about that.  I could get into big trouble with my Mom for sneaking a kitten into our home—especially if he has fleas.  However, I was so happy that someone was speaking to me that I said, “OK, we’ll do that, Max.”  After I said that, one by one, the other cats turned around and looked at me.  Then they smiled and Herb said, “Well, I guess we’ll forgive you.  However, you’d better talk to Angelina separately.  She is not happy with you trying to claw her!”

I was so happy that almost everyone was speaking to me that I started to cry.  Then, I said, “OK, I’ll do that.”

So, my friends are talking to me again.  I’m not sure how I’ll get in touch with Angelina since she has been avoiding me.  Oh, well.  I’ll worry about her later.  Right now, I want to go talk to my friends and catch up on the latest gossip . . . errr . . . news about what’s been going on in the neighborhood!

“Hssst!  Grace!”

Oh.  There’s someone else at the window.  I’ll be right back!


Well, the cat at the window was Angelina.  After I agreed to never lift a claw to her again, she said that she forgave me.   Then, she told me that all of the cats have created a plan called, “Operation Snowstorm.”  It is a plan to keep everyone safe and warm if the weather gets bad again.  However, she didn’t tell me what I’m supposed to do. So, I am a little worried about that.  Oh, well.  It has been pretty warm around here.  So, maybe I won’t have to do anything. Right now, I’m just glad that everyone is talking to me again.  I’ve got to go, though.  I see Herb, and I want to flirt talk to him! Type to you later, cats!

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