Operation Snowstorm Was a Success

Hi everyone.  I am happy to report that Operation Snowstorm was a success.  I’m not going to be too specific on the Internet, but let’s just say that a lot of cats found safe, warm places to stay in our apartment complex.  And, thanks to the efforts of all of the cats who live here, none of those cats were hungry.   However, feeding the seven that I got stuck with who chose to stay in my building was a real challenge.  I worked my paws off to get them food until the storm ended.  So, you’d think that they’d be grateful. They weren’t.  After I’d brought them food for hours, they had the nerve to complain about my “service”.  Here is what they said, and how I responded to them:

“Hey, Grace!  I need more food, now,” an obnoxious, flea-ridden cat yelled.

“You ate almost a week’s supply of my food.  Why don’t you go and catch a mouse or something?” I yelled back.

“Can you believe what she said—go catch a mouse.  This is the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed at,” complained a purebred cat that had fallen on hard times.

“Yes, it is.  Let’s all yowl at her at once!  We want food!  We want food!” all seven of the cats yowled.  Then, they began banging things around in the storage space as    they yowled.

That did it.  I screamed, “This is not a hotel, and I am not your maid!  If you want food, you’ll have to get it yourself.  And, if you keep on banging things around, I will claw your eyes out!”

It got very quiet after I said that.  Then, the cats went to the dumpster and served themselves.  And, when they got back they didn’t make any more noise.  They even tiptoed out the door when they went back outside after the storm was over.  I was very happy when they were gone.  I finally had a chance to sleep!

The next day, I heard a familiar, “Psssst, Grace.” at the window.  It was Angelina.

I thought that she’d lecture me for yelling at those cats.  So, I said, “Angelina, those cats made me yell at them.  They were the most obnoxious cats that I’ve ever met!”

I almost fainted when Angelina said, “That’s OK, Grace.  I would have yelled at them too.  I just came over to tell you how proud I am of you for helping them.  And, there are some other cats who want to thank you too.”

Then, I saw a crowd of cats—more cats then I’d ever seen in my life.  All of them smiled at me.  Then, one by one, all of them thanked me.  Some of them even said that I’d saved their lives.  I was very happy when they said that.  I felt like I’d made a difference.  However, I hope that it will be a long time before I have to have to go through this again.

Now it’s your turn, cats.  If you’ve ever done someone a favor and they yelled at you, please tell me what happened.  Also, I could really use some advice on what to say to the ungrateful cats if I ever see them again.  Thanks!

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