Our Computer Is Fixed

Hi cats. I’m happy to report that we are up and running on our home computer again. So, here I am! And, Mom is no longer a crazed maniac. However, she did have a hard time fixing it. Here is an excerpt from one of the many long conversations that she had with the people who made our computer:

Mom: I have to re-install Windows, and all of my data?!
Computer Person: Yes.
Mom: Can I shoot the computer?
Computer Person: Ma’am that would void your warranty.

As you can see, Mom went nuts was very upset. I’m glad that’s over with. Best of all, she is paying attention to me again—when she’s not applying Neosporin to the mysterious claw mark cut on her finger. I’ve got to go, though. Trixie’s at the window, and I want to hear all of the latest gossip news about what’s been going on with the cats in our neighborhood. Type to you later, cats!

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