Help! I Think Mom Has Gone Crazy

Hi cats.  How are you?  I hope that all is well with you!

I am really worried about my Mom.  I think she has gone crazy!  I think that because of what happened this morning.  After Mom woke up, I was so excited that she was up and moving that I ran to meet her on the top of the refrigerator.  I do that by jumping up on the couch, getting on the bookcase and then jumping up on the refrigerator.  Today, that did not go well.  I tripped while jumping up on the refrigerator.  Then, I got tangled up in the nice fleece blanket she has on top of it.  That led me to knock down the big ceramic cat on top of the refrigerator.  It hit the floor with a crash, and then shattered!  Here is what it looked like:









As you can see, I destroyed it. And, I clawed Mom’s hand when she tried to stop me from falling. I knew she wasn’t happy about that.  So, I did what any cat does when they know they’re in Big Trouble.  I hid under the bed, and waited for her to start yelling.  I couldn’t believe what happened next.  Mom started to laugh.  Then she said in a nice voice, “Grace, you can come out of there.  It was an accident.  It’s not your fault.  I’m not mad at you!”

I thought, Yeah, right.  You’re just trying to trick me so that I’ll come out.  Then, you’ll scruff me!  So, I remained under the bed while she cleaned up the mess.

Then she stated, “Grace, I meant what I said.  You are not in trouble.  Accidents happen!”

I still didn’t believe her, but I figured I might as well get my punishment over with.  So, I slinked out from under the bed, and waited for her to get me.  Well, cats—there was no punishment.  Mom looked me over and made sure I was OK.  Then she petted me and played with me.

I was and am in shock.  Mom has never been this nice to me before.  So, I think that she has gone crazy! Cats, what do you think?  Did she mean what she said, or has she lost her mind?  Please let me know.  I am really worried over here!

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