The Alley Cats

Hi cats.  I am happy to report that Mom is normal again.  She yelled at me for jumping up on the counter so I know that she’s back to her usual self.  I’m glad about that.  However, I’ve been so busy posting about my Mom that I forgot to tell you about the newest cats in my neighborhood—the alley cats.

The alley cats that live by my building came to our neighborhood during Operation Snowstorm.  You may remember the seven ungrateful cats that I wrote about in the post I typed while that was happening. If you don’t, or if you are new to my blog, please double-claw this link to read it:

Well, those bums cats, along with many others are now living by our dumpster!  So, I have to listen to their yowlguments all of the time.  Their leader is a cat who goes by the name of Clawzilla (Zilla).  She is a very mean cat.  She is also one of the cats who decided to start the food riot in our storage spaces. So, she is not my favorite cat in the world.  And, I know the dislike is mutual. Trixie told me that she says bad things about me when I’m not around.  I don’t like that.

Even worse, Zilla and her henchcats tried to get my Mom to feed them!  One day, when Mom took out the garbage, she heard a loud, “Meow.”  She was puzzled, so she tried to find the cat that meowed at her.  Thankfully, those cats were hiding, so she couldn’t find them.  When she asked me, “Grace, why did the dumpster just meow at me?”  I wanted to scream “Because there are a lot of mean cats hanging around it.  Call Animal Control!”  I remained silent, though, because the Cat Code of Honor states that I cannot betray any cat whether I like them or not.

And, I do like some of those cats, especially the kittens.  It is fun to watch them con our neighbors into giving them food.  I’ve watched those cats beg for food after they had just eaten a big meal that they’d caught for themselves.  That makes me laugh.  So, I guess I’ll tolerate them for now, as long as they stay away from my territory and my human. I’ve got to go, though.  Mom is home, and she has an interesting-looking box.  I want to see what’s in it.  Type to you later, cats!

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