Help! My Mom Is a Computer Addict

Hi cats.  Would you believe it took a whole day for me to get access to this computer?  I have finally realized that my Mom is a computer addict.  I would have figured this out before, but I have been upset about what that Clawzilla is doing.

I figured this out when I thought about Mom’s behavior during the seven days that our computer was gone.  I’ve already told you about some of it but here are some more of the things she did during that time:

  • She mumbled web addresses in her sleep
  • She went to the library twice because she had to get on the Internet
  • She only got 3 and a half hours of sleep on Sunday night, which was the night before she thought our computer was coming back.  Then, she was crabby all day
  • She wanted to call off work on Monday (March 26, 2012) so she wouldn’t miss the computer delivery.  Thankfully, her friends talked her out of that idea
  • On the day that our computer actually came back (Tuesday), she called the FedEx information line at least twice.  And, she gave both her home and cell numbers to FedEx so that the driver could call her.  So, at this point in time, the FedEx person has more information about my Mom than most of her friends have
  • She asked me if she should put up some confetti and balloons to welcome the computer back.  My thoughts about this are best left unsaid
  • She was ready to take a long drive to where our computer was being repaired to help the technicians fix it
  • Worst of all, since our computer is back, she has been on it for hours, while ignoring me

I am furious about that because I was the nicest cat in the world when our computer was gone.  I comforted Mom. I snuggled with her.  I gave her kisses. I even endured her wanting to play with me constantly.  And, I worried about her because of her computer obsession.  So, I am planning ways to get her attention.  I think I’ll do something really dramatic—like throwing up on the bed.  Or, maybe I’ll hide and she’ll think that I ran away.

Now it’s your turn, cats.  First, do you think my Mom is a computer addict?  If you do, please tell me what I should do about that.  Second, I’d really appreciate any advice that you have about getting rid of that mean Clawzilla cat that I’ve talked about in my previous posts.  Third, if you wish, please pray for my Mom. She needs it!



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