I Had to Pray for Sheba!

Hi cats.  I just did something that I have never done before—I prayed for a cat that I hate!  I never thought I’d do that.  However, after defending Mom from every male human who looked at our apartment this morning, I decided to take a break.  While I rested, I prayed, Jesus, this is so unfair.  Here I am protecting my Mom from a stalker, and being a good cat in general.  But, that Sheba is getting away with murder.  And, thanks to her, everyone thinks I’m a liar. That’s not fair!  Jesus, could you please hit her with a lightning bolt?

I heard nothing but silence.  So, I added, OK, Jesus, maybe just a little lightning bolt.  You know—just enough to scare her into telling the truth!

After I prayed for Him to do that, three words kept coming into my mind: Pray for her.

At first, I didn’t understand what He meant by that.  I mean, I had already prayed twice!  I was about to let Him know that when I heard Him whisper these words into my heart, “Pray for something nice to happen to her.”

When He said that, I let out such a loud yowl that people on the street started running away from our block.  Then I screamed, “No way!  I hate her.  I will not pray for something nice to happen to a cat that made me into a liar. That’s unfair!”

He replied, “People did a lot of things to Me that were unfair, and I died for them.”

Well, I really couldn’t argue with Him after He said that. Mom reads to me from the Bible, so I know about what happened to Him.  So, I prayed, Jesus, I hate Sheba, but since You asked me, I pray that You bless her.  In fact, I pray You bless her by finding her a new home today.  And, could You please make it an out-of-state home so that I’ll never have to see her again?

After I prayed, I could have sworn that He laughed.  Then, I heard Him say, “At least you tried, Grace. Good girl.

I was very happy when He said that.  And, I felt a perfect peace that I can’t explain for a few minutes.  Sadly, that didn’t last long because I heard Sheba yelling at the kittens again. That made me mad.  However, I have the funniest feeling that everything will work out—somehow.  In the meantime, though, I am going to keep trying to scare both the stalker and Sheba.  So, I have to say, “Bye” for now.  Type to you later cats!

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