It Didn’t Work!

Hello everyone.  I wish I could tell you that my plan to get even with my Mom worked.  Sadly, it didn’t and I am not happy about that:







Here’s what happened: Mom came home about an hour after I wrote my last post.  By then, I’d made sure that her slippers were right where she always steps into them.  I greeted her at the door as I normally do so that she wouldn’t know what I was up to.  I even let her rub my belly.  Then, the moment I was waiting for happened.  She walked toward her slippers.  I jumped on top of the speaker so that I could see the look on her face when she stepped into them.   I could hardly wait to hear the squish, and hear her scream!

Sadly, I didn’t hear either of these things because Mom looked at her slippers before she stepped into them.  So, the only scream I heard was when she yelled, “Grace!  Why did you throw up all over my slippers?  This is disgusting!”  Then, she cleaned up the mess while glaring at me.  After she was done she asked me if I had thrown up on her slippers to get even with her for vacuuming.  Well, there was no way I’d admit to that.  So, I gave her my best innocent look and pretended to be very interested in what was going on outside.  She seemed to fall for that, because she stopped glaring at me.

I am scared by what happened, though.  It was if my Mom could read my mind.  I don’t want that to happen or I won’t get away with anything around here.  Cats, I need your help.  Have your human/s ever succeeded in reading your mind?  If so, please post and tell me what you did about that. You will help me to continue to get away with murder control my Mom.  Thanks!

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