I Found Out that I Do Have a Catnip Problem!

Hi cats. I am sorry I took so long to type to you. After my last post, I was so tired that I slept for almost two days. Then, I awoke to a new voice saying, “Psssssssst. Grace! Do you want to talk?” Now, I usually am crabby in the morning and don’t want to talk to anyone but my Mom. However, I was curious about who the new cat was. So, I went to the window. The cat that was sitting there was a beautiful black long-haired female cat with golden eyes. Before I could speak, she looked at me and said, “Hi, Grace. My name is Ebony. I heard from your friends that you’ve been going crazy for catnip. Is that true?”

I wanted to scream, “NO!” and tell her to go away. But, there was something special about her that wouldn’t let me do that. She had what I can only call a glow about her. So, I mumbled, “Well, maybe.” Then she smiled at me and told me, “I used to love catnip too, Grace. Would you like to hear my story?”

“OK,” I replied. I figured that hearing her story would take my mind off of how bad I was feeling. I didn’t know that her story would change my life.

Ebony told me how she loved catnip like I did. She said that she had a lot of fun with catnip—at first. But then, she shocked me when she told me that she got to the point where she had to have it. Her catnip craving made her do all kinds of crazy things like claw her humans when they wouldn’t give her catnip, and tear up everything in their house. Her humans got so mad at her that they made her live out in a cold garage. After she’d stayed there for three days, Ebony prayed, “God, please help me!”

Ebony smiled when she told me what happened next. She said that three cats came over and told her about how they used to have a catnip problem, and what they did about it. After hearing their stories, Ebony knew that she had a problem too. So, she decided that she didn’t want to ever use catnip again. And so far, with the help of God, and her new friends, she has been able to stay away from it. Best of all, after her humans saw that she was behaving, they let her move back into the house with them.

After she finished her story, Ebony looked at me straight in the eyes and said, “Grace, do you think that you have a problem with catnip?”

I wanted to say, “No.” But, for some reason, I couldn’t lie to her. So, I began to cry and said “Yes, I do. Now what do I do about it?

I really can’t tell all of you everything that Ebony told me after that. I can say that with the help of God, Ebony, and some of her friends, I am going to stay away from catnip—one day at a time. And, I have to do some things that I really don’t want to do—like apologize to Angelina and all of the cats that I yelled at. That won’t be easy. But, I know I was wrong, so I’m going to do that. I am going for now, but I will tell you if I have any friends left in my next post. Until then, if you think that you have a problem with catnip; please e-mail me by using the form on the “Contact Us” page. I may be able to help you. Thanks!

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