Cat Veterans

OK, cats.  Here are a few of the cat veterans that I promised to tell you about:

Blackie (also known as “Boom!”):  Blackie was a male, black, long-haired cat with a patch of white on his chest. He helped our country, the U.S.A., win the Revolutionary War.  He did that by crossing enemy lines and pouncing on the soldiers who were about to shoot at us. This made them miss their targets.  And, Blackie used his unique growl to scare the living daylights out of the enemy soldiers.  Sadly, Blackie did not get to live a long life.  One day, his curiosity got the best of him, so he put a lit match on a keg of gunpowder to see what would happen.  I think all of you can guess what happened next.  The gunpowder exploded, and so did Blackie.  That is why he is also known as “Boom!”

Smoke:  Smoke was a grey, short-haired cat that helped the Allies in World War Two. Because of his color, and unique way of blending into crowds, Smoke was a terrific secret agent.  He snuck across enemy lines and carried secret papers, such as a breakdown of the Enigma code, to soldiers that didn’t know that he existed.  That led to prominent human mathematicians breaking that code, using Smoke’s information.  Sadly, the humans got the credit for Smoke’s work.  However, the cats of that time knew the truth, and he was knighted by the Queen of Cats in 1945. Smoke lived to be twenty years old and died of natural causes.

Alexia (Lexie):  Lexie was a beautiful, white, blue-eyed Persian cat that helped the Coalition fight the Gulf War.  Lexie befriended the enemy, and pretended to be nice to them. They felt safe with her since she was a Persian cat.  This led them to relax and pet her, which is a truly bad idea in wartime, since many of them were killed while they were doing that.  Lexie lived to be fifteen years old, and her kittens are still protecting our national interests in Iraq.

Yowler:  Yowler is a yellow male cat who has a yowl that could scare the bark off of a tree.  That’s all I can tell you, since he is still alive.  Yowler helps to scare mean humans out of their hiding places by letting out his very scary yowl.  This makes them think they are under attack—so they run right out of their hiding places and into the hands of the good humans who are trying to catch them.  Keep him in your prayers, cats, because his work is very dangerous!

I may tell you about more cat veterans later.  Right now, I just saw a centipede speed by, and I’m hungry.  So, I will type to you later, cats.

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