I Am Mad at the Cats in my Neighborhood!

Hi cats.  I am so mad that I could scream!  And, no, I’m not mad because that Mimi is driving me crazy.  I’m mad because all of the cats in the neighborhood held a Council of Cats without me.  That’s why Angelina and Simone were at my window—to tell me what the Council had decided to do about where Mimi will have her kittens, and who is going to help her.  Cats, would you believe that they decided that Mimi is going to have her babies in the storage space by my apartment? And, they decided that I am going to be Mimi’s birth coach since none of the cats at the Council has given birth.

Well, I’m here to tell you that this is not going to happen!  I am a cat, not a birth coach.  So, even though Angelina and Simone are taking turns standing by my window and glaring at me, I am not giving in. And, that is my final answer.  I have to go, though.  Just thinking about this is making me so angry that I need to claw up my carpet cube.  Bye for now, cats!

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