The Medicine Wars: Part Two

Hello cats. This is the post that I promised you that will tell you more about what that evil woman is doing to me.   I am about to get very graphic, so if you are a kitten who is less than six months old, please don’t read any further.  What I’m about to post will give you nightmares.

What that woman has been doing to me is taking a large medicine syringe that is bigger than my face, forcing my mouth open, and then squirting vile-tasting medicine down my throat.  She tells me this will prevent me from getting a really bad infection.  I think she’s doing this to torture me.

I have evaded her many times, but she has become as sneaky as a cat!  So, she has managed to capture me fourteen times to do this to me.  However, I am not without defenses, so here are a just three of the things that I’ve done to her in revenge for what she’d doing to me:

  1. I scratched her arm while pretending to stretch.
  2. I tied her favorite jewelry into a knot like this







3: I treated her to a half hour midnight concert of yowling, growling and howling to remind her of what I’m capable of, while giving her dirty looks like this:







None of these things have stopped her though.  However, I think I have come up with the perfect strategy to make her stop giving me medicine.  As soon as she does that again, I will put my paw down my throat and make myself throw up!  Then, she’ll think the medicine made me sick, so she’ll stop giving it to me.  Oh!  I see she has the syringe in her hand.  She is about to get a nasty surprise.  I will tell you what happened in a minute . . .

<About fifteen minutes later>

I cannot believe what just happened, cats!  After I threw up, that woman called the vet to tell him that I got sick.  Instead of telling her to stop giving me the medicine, he told her that she had to give me another dose of it, since the first one was “out of my system.”  And, that’s what she did.  Even worse, she didn’t give me my salmon reward because she was scared that I’d get sick again.  So, here I sit with yucky medicine in my tummy, and no treats.  This is unfair.  Cats, I am begging you for help.  First, please pray for me. I need it!  Second, if you have successfully stopped your human/s from giving you medicine, please let me know how you did that. Thanks!

Grace the Medicine Victim!

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