The Latest Information on the Cats in My Neighborhood

Hello cats. Here is what’s been going on with my secret friends. If you are new to my blog, here are two links to previous posts that will give you some background on the cats that I’m typing about:

Mimi and her Kittens: That miserable Mimi is still living in the storage space next to my apartment. I thought she and the kittens would move now that they can survive on their own. Sadly, that’s not the case. They are all still here except for her son, Herb Jr., who ran away from home to join a feral cat colony down the street. I hope that Mimi decides to move soon, because I may kill her if she stays here for much longer!

Simone: Simone is as mysterious as ever. I still don’t know exactly where she lives, or if she has a home at all. Simone is helping the cats in our neighborhood find warm places to stay when it’s cold or snowing outside. Unfortunately, a lot of those cats end up staying in the storage spaces of my apartment complex.

Angelina: Angelina is also helping cats to find warm places to stay. And, she is helping Mimi. When she’s not doing that, she is busy making me participate in all of her efforts to help everyone. I am sick of doing that and hope that it warms up soon so that all of those cats will go away!

Bruno and Hazel: Bruno and Hazel have fallen in love! They are the closest thing to a human married couple that I’ve ever seen. They have made a home in a nice big box that one of our neighbors left outside. And, they have decided they’d rather live outside than live without each other. That’s romantic, but I hope they don’t freeze out there!

Trixie: Trixie is still my best friend, and we spend hours gossiping about the crazy cats and humans in our neighborhood. All is well at her home, so she is a happy cat.

Pricilla the Pest (Cilly): Cilly is still visiting me at all hours to whine about the drama in her life. I usually hide when I see her coming. However, sometimes she has good gossip so I talk to her now and then.

Herb: Herb is still living it up on the next block with his new girlfriend. He’d better stay there because Mimi said that she will kill him if she ever sees him again.

Fraidycat/Sheba: Fraidy is the cat who made a liar out of me. She has changed, but I still don’t trust her. She is in heat now, so she is flirting with every boy cat in town. Both Mimi and I have tried to tell her that if she keeps on doing what she’s doing, she may end up having kittens. So far, she has refused to listen to us. I understand how she feels, since I’ve been in heat myself. However, I hope that if she does have kittens, I don’t have to kitten-sit them like I have to kitten-sit Mimi’s brats kittens.

That’s all that I can think of for now. If you want to know more about each cat that I’ve typed about, just go to the top of my “Home” page, and claw in their names.

Now, it’s your turn, cats. Do you have secret friends that your human/s know nothing about?  If so, please post. I’d love to hear from you!

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