What my Mom’s Been Up To

Hi cats. I am sorry that I have not posted for so long. I’m here now, though, and I have to tell you about what my Mom’s been up to. Here are just a few of the things that she’s done/have happened to her:

1.  She had two guys ask her out on a date. I am not happy about that! Thankfully, she told both of them, “No.” If she ever says, “Yes,” though, I have a plan for any male human who shows up at our house that will make him run away screaming. Let’s just say that it involves my claws and a sensitive part of the male anatomy.

2: She bought two new pair of jeans, and is driving me crazy by asking me if they fit her well. When she does that, I glare at her because I am a cat, not a fashion adviser!

3. She has to get up earlier for work sometimes. So, I have to deal with a crabby, half-asleep human on her early work days.

4. Worst of all, she accidentally reported our web address to Stop Forum Spam!

As you can see, my Mom is prone to getting into trouble. So, keeping an eye on her, as well as controlling looking out for the cats in my neighborhood keeps me busy. However, I will be posting more often.  My next post will be about the humans who are ruining our neighborhood by—


Until then, I hope that all is well with you, and that—

“Grace?  Did you see the guy driving the forklift?  He’s cute!”

Sigh.  Gotta go, cats!


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