Please Pray for my Mom—She Got Into an Accident!

Hi, cats.  I am sorry that I haven’t posted for so long.  I have been busy with controlling dealing with my Mom who is turning into a flirt, the mean squirrel family outside that likes to torment me, and watching the Construction Destruction on our street.

I will post more, but right now, I am asking all of you to pray for my Mom.  She got into an accident yesterday!  Some crazy human rear-ended her while she was driving.  Mom says that she feels OK, and that no damage was done (well, not much) to her car, but she isn’t sure if she’s really OK.  So, I am worried.  I mean who will feed me if turns out that she’s hurt and doesn’t know it yet?

So, if you wish, please pray for her.  I’m going for now because that miserable squirrel who knows I can’t get it is laughing at me, so I have to make him respect me.  My next post will be about how my Mom is turning into a flirt and what I plan to do about that. Type to you later, cats.

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