Welcome to my Cat Blog. This is a cat blog by a cat for cats

Life From a Cat’s Point of View

Hi.  My name is Grace, and I am the founder and creator of this cat blog. Yes, this is a cat blog. And for the nosy humans who are reading this, the humans who think that cats can’t blog, you are the victims of S.S.S. (Species Superiority Syndrome). I decided to create this blog to give cats a voice, and to help cats control—errr—train their humans. I will create specific examples of how to do that on a special page on this site that I will create later.  Any typing errors, mistakes, and general mess-ups are my Mom’s, who knows nothing about building a web site, fault. After all, since I am a cat, I am perfect. I hope you like my blog!

My Story

I am a rescue cat. I have not had an easy life. Because of trauma, I have blocked parts of my past. I lived out on the streets until the nice people at my shelter found me. And, due to a smooth-talking tomcat, I had babies when I was seven months old. Would you believe that some humans have the nerve to call me a “hussy”?  Po-lease. Humans don’t understand that we cats can’t be hussies. We are just following our instincts, and God’s command to be fruitful and multiply! It was hard for me and my babies, but we made it. Then, all of my babies were taken away from me. I was devastated.  To add insult to injury, I shared the shelter with dogs.  Yes, dogs! They were loud and kept me up all night, as did the other cats at the shelter.

I didn’t keep much of a journal at that time. How could I?  With all of the chaos at that shelter, it was lucky that I could think at all. However, I have to say that the people at the shelter were very nice. They made sure that I was healthy. They fed me, and were nice to me. And, they told me that someday I might have my own family. I wanted to believe them, but I was skeptical. I’d already been let down a lot by humans, and I figured this might be another false promise. Still, I prayed one night, “God, if it’s Your Will, and if it’s even possible, please send me a human who wants to give me a home.” I learned two things that night. First, that God answers prayer. Second, that I need to be careful about what I pray for!

The next day, the nice people at the shelter told me a woman was coming to look at me.  I thought, So what. It’ll just be another rejection, like always.  I’ll bet she won’t even show up.  She did.  However, since she got lost, one of the people at the shelter had to meet her, and have her follow them to meet me.  This did nothing for my peace of mind.  Then, she walked into my cage and started talking to me.  I’ll never know why, but I brushed up against her, and head-nudged her.  She talked to me.  I thought, Could I be really getting my own home here?  Then, she broke my heart by walking out of my cage and looking at the other cats in the shelter.  I turned my back to her and sighed.  Then, the miracle happened to me.

She turned around and looked at me again.  I could sense she was praying.  Then, she said, “I’ll take her.”  At the time, I was not thrilled about that.  After all, this woman couldn’t find her way to the shelter, so how could she get me home?  Besides that, she smelled like cigarettes.  So, I was determined to show her how mean I could be.  I did a good job.  It took three of the shelter humans to shove me into that horrible device called a “cat carrier”. That didn’t deter her.  She picked up the carrier, wrote a check to the shelter, and put me in her car.  Words cannot describe the terror I felt at that moment.  It only got worse.  I began to feel movement.  Even worse, I felt us going around in circles.  She was lost again.  I yowled, and prayed, “God, You’ve got to be kidding.  This woman is nuts!”  I did not like His answer, “No, I’m not.  Wait and see, Eloise.  You will come to love this human.”  All I could think of at the time was, “I don’t think so!”

After much maneuvering, we arrived at her home.  When she let me out of the carrier, I ran and hid.  Would you believe that she followed me?  There I was, huddled under the microwave in terror.  She told me I was home and safe.  Then she said, “Your name is no longer ‘Eloise’.  It is Grace.”  All I could think of at that time was, What nerve. She drags me to her home and re-names me?  God, get me out of here!

Then, she did the first thing I liked.  She killed a centipede, and offered it to me on a napkin.  I huddled closer to the wall.  Then, she left.  I used the time I had alone to find a better hiding place.  When she came home she talked to me.  I ignored her.  I heard her sigh, and then she muttered, “Great.  I am going to have to tell that shelter that I lost their cat!”  After that, she finally gave up and went to sleep.

Later, I looked at her.  She looked lonely without a cat to sleep with.  So, for reasons neither one of us will ever understand, I jumped up in bed with her and meowed at her until she woke up. Then, I snuggled by her side and let her pet me.  After that, we both went to sleep.  For the first time, I was in my own bed sleeping with my human.

The following days, weeks and months were full of adjustments for both of us.  She needed a lot of training!  At the time of this writing, though, I can say it was worth it.  We love each other, and are happy together–well, at least most of the time!  I thank Jesus for that!  So, if you are a shelter cat, I want to let you know that there’s hope.  Or, if you are a cat whose human/s is/are untrained, don’t worry. I’ll help you to handle that in my posts, and the “Training your Human” pages on my web site.  Then, you and your human/s will be happy.

This website is constantly under development.  Please check back to see what’s new! Copyright 2011-2017 by the Mommacat, since cats don’t have legal rights—yet.  All rights reserved.


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30 thoughts on “Welcome to my Cat Blog. This is a cat blog by a cat for cats

  1. Better tell that Mommacat staff person that cats do indeed have rights. Plenty of ’em too! Would you prefer it if I called around and explained a few hard facts to her?

    • No, that’s OK. I can do that myself. However, I may need your help with something I’m about to post about—the evil vacuum. Any suggestions that you have on permanently putting that miserable thing out of commission forever would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Hello Vladimir. I just wanted to let you know that the “legal rights” that I was referring to in the copyright notice are the rights to copyright materials. I am fully aware that cats have many rights. Goodness knows, I am not running this house or this web site. I’ve got to go though. It’s time to change Grace’s litter, and get her some fresh food and water. Thanks for posting, Vladimir!

      • I have to tell the secret to gentitg cats to open their presents .catnip! When I was the young girl with cats, I bought (or made my parents buy) them presents at Christmas. We would wrap them and put them under the tree (the presents, not the cats). Every night, they would tear the paper on their presents and we would find them scattered all over the living room. Of course, cat’s won’t perform for an audience, so you have to set their presents out at night or while you leave the house. I also used to dress one of my cats in onesies with the crotch open for her tail to stick out funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. She would freeze and fall over like she was paralyzed. Looking back it may have been slightly cruel, but she was never injured, so I’m okay with it.

        • The presents and paper sound good. I will see if I can get my Mom to do that for me. However, now that you’re no longer a kitten . . . errr . . . child, please promise me that you will never dress up a cat again! You may not have hurt her, but she probably was humiliated. Besides that, thank you for posting!

  3. You could certainly see your enthusiasm in the work you write ON graciesblog.com . The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart.

    • Thank you 🙂 I can hardly wait to tell my friends in the neighborhood about your comment. They will be jealous and finally treat me with the respect that I deserve. May God Bless you!


  4. Fantastic job here. I really enjoyed what you had to say. Keep heading because you surely bring a new voice to this subject. Not many people would say what youve said and still make it interesting. Well, at least Im interested. Cant wait to see more of this from you.

    • Thank you. I really appreciate your compliment. Now, I can really brag to the cats in my neighborhood about this site. Also, I will be posting soon, in the “Blog” section of this site, about Cat Veterans. Type to you soon!


    • I was wondering if you ever thhougt of changing the page layout of your blog? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or two pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

      • You are right, we do need more content, especially pictures. Right now, though, Mom is only using pictures that she has created so we don’t get sued! I will try to get Mom to do this in the future.

    • Good. I’ll look forward to seeing you again. Gotta go, though. Mom just got home and she is FINALLY paying attention to me!


  5. This blog is definitely rather handy since I’m at the moment creating an internet floral website – although I am only starting out therefore it’s really fairly small, nothing like this site. Can link to a few of the posts here as they are quite. Thanks much. Zoey O.

    • Thanks! Why don’t you use the “Contact Us” form and e-mail my Mom. I am too busy being a cat blogger to handle the business part of our web site. May God Bless you! Grace

    • I’m glad you did 🙂 It was wonderful to meet a fellow cat-lover and web poster—
      MOM! This is my blog.
      Sigh . . . fine, grab the keyboard, Grace.
      Hi. Mom told me you would visit and I’m glad you did. I will come and look at your cats in the crazy cat blogs later. Right now, Mom finally came home from that thing she calls “work” and I call “cat desertion”. Thank you for posting and may God Bless you and the kitties too. Oh! And, I hope the memory chip worked out 🙂

  6. Grace, I just wanted to let you know that your human talks about you a lot. She really does love you. Great site; keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for letting me know that, Paula. She’s so busy doing things like Christmas cards around here that I was afraid she’d forgotten I existed. I’m glad that you like my site too. I am going to tell all of the cats in the neighborhood what you said. May God Bless you, Paula and Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks! I can hardly wait to brag to my friends in the neighborhood about your comment. Also, what do you blog about?


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