I’m Upset!

It is 11:23 P.M. and guess who just came home a little bit ago. Her.  That human of mine.  Would you believe it took her fifteen minutes to figure out that I ran out of food?  I am not happy with her right now.  So, I plan on doing some major sulking.  That may ensure that she never leaves me home alone without food again.  I don’t care if she had to work late.  This isn’t fair!



Momma Killed My Spider!

Right now, I am not happy with my human.  Besides not paying enough attention to me today, she killed my spider!  There I was on the kitchen floor with a large, juicy spider.  It was still alive.  I was about to kill it when Mom took it out of my claws and smashed it in a paper towel.  Then, she threw it out.   There went my snack, thanks to Mom the Spider Stealer.  Even worse, she treated herself to some chocolate ice cream after she’d destroyed my treat.  So, I am mad at her.  I’ve got to go, though.  I need to find another spider and not let you-know-who see it.

My Mom Has Turned Into a Computer Addict!

I thought having this blog would create a new bond between my Mom and I.  After all, all that she has to do is pay for and maintain this blog.  I have to do all of the posting.  Well, I was wrong.  She is now trying to make this into the perfect website.  While doing that, she is ignoring me.  Well, I’m not having that!  I’m going to brush against her leg.  Oh good – she’s looking at me.  I’ll post more later. Right now, I’m going to enjoy some long overdue attention.