Mom’s Cleaning Again!

Hi everyone. I’m sorry I fell asleep during my last post.  It was just that kind of day.

I would have posted sooner, but I’ve been trying to manage my Mom. She is cleaning again. While doing this, she is re-arranging the home that took me weeks to mess up organize. I don’t like that!  Even worse, she found my secret stash of toys under the microwave.  After finding them, she said, “Grace, I guess I don’t have to buy you any new toys for a while.  You have plenty of them now.”  I am not happy about that.

I don’t have a lot of news about my friends who live outside.  I haven’t seen them for a few days.  Oh, well.  I will see how they are doing later. Right now, I have to hide my toys again so that there’s a chance that Mom will buy me some new ones.

Oh!  Angelina’s at the window.  I am so glad to see her.  She always listens to me when I have problems.  And, she may have some ideas on how I can con persuade Mom into buying me some new toys.  So, I’m going to go for now.  Type to you later, cats!

Some Days Are Made for Sleeping!

Hi cats.  I’m happy to report that things are not as crazy here as they were yesterday.  Mom gave up on cleaning.  I am very happy about that!  And, I changed my mind about scratching her.  That gets me into trouble.  However, she is missing a gold ring and a bracelet. I’m not going to help her to find them since I hid them to punish her . . . OOPS . . . don’t have a clue about where they are.

It is a very cold day here (seven degrees!), so I am doing what I like to do best on cold days:

And yes, the bed you see in the picture is the pet bed that I said I didn’t like before. I found out it is a safe place to snuggle into—as long as Mom doesn’t hit me in the head with it!  I’ve got to go, though.  I’m falling asleep as I’m writing this.  So, good night and sweet dreams, cats.  I pray that all of you are warm and saf . . . Zzzz . . .

Things Are Getting Crazy Around Here—Again

Hello, cats.  First, I want to thank all of you for your prayers.  No one has seen the Mean Dog in our neighborhood.  So, I wanted to let you know that your prayers worked.

However, just as things in my secret life are getting back to normal, guess who’s getting crazy?  Mom.  Today, she took down that Christmas tree I told you about before.  While doing that, she said things like, “This tree has to go!” and “I will not rest until I complete this mission!”  Even worse, she kept throwing things around, and re-organizing the closet while she was packing up the tree.  So boxes, and laundry baskets, and all kinds of things flew in and out of that closet.  That led me to almost getting knocked in the head several times with the things that she was throwing around.  So, I took evasive action and hid under the bed.  I’m glad that I did that, because she took out the cat killer vacuum after that.

That woman is being nice to me now, but I’m still mad that she didn’t care if she hurt me while she put away that tree.  I mean what is more important, our house being organized or me?  I guess I know the answer to that now.  So, I’m going plot my revenge . . . errr . .  . play with her.  Maybe I’ll be able to “accidentally” scratch her!  Type to you later, cats!


OOPS—I posted on the WordPress Blackout day.  I’m sorry everyone!


Pretending to Be Sick Isn’t a Good Way to Get Attention After All!

Hi cats.  In my last post, I told you how I got lots of attention from my Mom by pretending to be sick.  Well, I found out that trick can backfire on you.  That’s what happened to me!

At first, as I posted before, I got lots of love and attention from my Mom by pretending to be sick.  So, when she did three loads of laundry while ignoring me, I puked . . . errr . . . coughed up a hairball all over our blanket.  I figured that would get her attention.  Well, it did, but not in the way I wanted.  Would you believe that woman yelled at me?  She shrieked, “Grace how could you?  I have been doing laundry for three hours.  Now, I’ll have to take the blanket to the Laundromat!”  Then, she gave me a dirty look and walked out of the door mumbling, “I can’t even have peace in my own home!”

I didn’t like that.  So, I coughed up another hairball which she stepped into as soon as she got home.  I thought that she’d feel sorry for me.  She didn’t.  After washing her sock off, she gave me a look that could have curdled milk.  Then, she said, “OK, Grace.  You’re not getting any better.  So, I guess I’m going to have to take you to the vet.”  I wanted to scream, but I didn’t.  Instead, I started running around the apartment, and jumping up on the refrigerator to show her that I’d made a complete recovery.

Thankfully, that worked, so I didn’t end up going to the vet.  However, I found out that pretending to be sick is not a good way to get attention.  So, I will stop doing that.  And, I’d suggest that you not try this trick to get your human/s attention.  It could cause you to end up at up at the vet’s office!  I’ve got to go, though.  Trixie’s at the window, and I want to see what’s been going on in the neighborhood. Type to you later, cats!

I Found a Great Way to Get Mom’s Attention—Acting Sick!

Hi cats.  I am glad that I finally have a chance to type to you!  Mom has been hogging the computer, and on the one day that she wasn’t, I wasn’t feeling good.  I learned something, though.  Being sick gets Mom’s attention.  Here’s what happened:

Mom was so busy with her Christmas shopping, and after-Christmas clearance sale shopping, that she was ignoring me.  So, I did everything I could think of to get her attention.  I tore up the closet.  I yowled out of the window.  I even threw balls at her, hoping she’d get the hint and play with me. Well cats, none of that worked.  So, I gave up and lay down.  Then, I started feeling sick to my stomach.  I was not feeling well, cats.  Here is what I looked like:







I looked so bad that even Mom knew something was wrong.  So, she finally started paying attention to me.  She petted me and asked what was wrong with her “poor baby.”  Now, by the time she did that, I knew that the only thing that was wrong with me was that I needed to cough up a hairball.  However, I liked all of the attention I was getting.  So I didn’t let Mom know that I was really OK.  Instead, I just continued to look sick while meowing sadly at her.

This made her feel even sorrier for me.  So, she continued to pet and snuggle me.  I liked that!  Eventually, she had to go out, but I knew she’d hurry home to see if I was all right.   And, that’s what she did.  So, I have learned that acting sick is a great way to get Mom’s attention.  I’ve got to go, though.  She’s opening the door, and I only have a moment to pretend to be sick again. Type to you later, cats!

Things Are Almost Back to Normal Around Here!

Hi cats. How are you? I hope all of you are having a great Christmas!

I’m happy to report that things are almost normal here again. The tree is up. Here is what it looks like:









And, now that it’s up, Mom is no longer snarling or growling. She even told me that she was sorry if she scared me. Then, she wished me a Merry Christmas, and gave me my presents. Best of all, she gave me what most of you know is my favorite food in the world—salmon! So, to the cats who prayed, thank you for your prayers. I think they really helped us out!

Oh! Mom is singing a Christmas carol. I’ll sing with her:

O Christmas tree,
O Christmas tree.
Putting you up was al-most the,
Death of me . . .

Well, I guess that’s why I typed almost normal.  Oh well, she’ll be going to sleep soon.  Then, I will finally have some peace.  So I’ll end this post by wishing all of you a Merry Christmas.  Also, if you wish, please keep praying for my Mom.  She needs it!

Help! It’s Getting Crazy Around Here!

I have to say that in the last two days, Mom has scared me. Things began to get crazy around here when she began putting up that strange thing that humans call a “Christmas tree.” At first, Mom was singing Christmas carols about Jesus while she put together the phoniest-looking tree that I’ve ever seen. That was nice.  But then, as she kept working on it, her mood changed.  She snarled.  She growled.  She kept saying things like, “Who is the idiot who designed this Christmas tree?” and “Why didn’t the cretins who designed this tree make the plugs easier to find?  I could string my own lights faster than trying to get this miserable thing to light up!”  I have never seen her act this way. So, please pray for me, cats!  And, if you want to, please pray for my Mom to be normal again. Thanks!

It’s My Birthday!

Hi cats. It’s my birthday. OK, it was my birthday yesterday.  However, I wasn’t able to get to the computer in time to type about it.  So, I will refer to my journal and tell you what happened.

My birthday began when my Mom sang “Happy Birthday” to me just as the day they call “December 3rd” began.  Then she told me that I was a “big girl” because I was two years old.  I liked that.  After she woke up later that morning, she gave me some new toys.  I liked them, even though they were the balls that I already have at least thirty of.  Best of all, she gave me a delicious salmon dinner!









As you can see, I loved that.  But then, she discovered that she was running out of everything.  So, instead of staying home to give me love and attention I deserved, she went out and shopped which left me home alone. I was not happy!  I told Trixie about what was going on, and she said, “Wait, Grace. Your birthday isn’t over yet.  Maybe she’ll surprise you!” Well, that’s exactly what she did.  After her Walmart trip, Mom walked into the house with a big smile on her face.  Then she said, “Grace, you’re going to love this!”  I was so excited.  I figured that maybe my surprise was a great big salmon dinner that I could eat for days.  So, I jumped up on the refrigerator to meet Mom.  While I did that, she pulled out my “present” and accidentally twapped me on the head with it.  That made me fall off of the refrigerator onto the bookcase.  Then she said, “Grace, this is your beautiful new pet bed.”  This is what it looked like:

As you can see, it’s a huge thing that had just hit me in the head.  So, I glared at her and my “gift”. I think that she knew that I was angry because she apologized.  However, that didn’t stop her from putting that miserable thing into our bed.  Even worse, she told me that I’d love sleeping in it.  I thought, If you think I’m sleeping in that thing, you’re wrong. That monstrosity is a danger to both myself and others!  Then, as you can see, I turned my back on my new “gift”.  That didn’t stop her, though.  She kept trying to get me to like it.  Finally, she gave up and went out to meet her friends leaving me home alone—again.  So, I gave up on my birthday, and went to sleep.

Finally, she came back.  I figured that she’d try to get me to go into that thing she called a “pet bed” again.  Thankfully, that’s not what happened.  Instead, she told me she was sorry that she ignored me.  Then she said it was OK if I didn’t like my gift. Next, after giving me a nice snuggie, she gave me more salmon.  After that, we played together until she got tired. Last, she told me something that made me very happy.  She said, “Grace, I have decided that I’m not going to even try to get another cat.  So, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.”  I was so happy to hear that that I pretended that I didn’t hear her mumble, “One of you is enough! That pet bed cost me twenty dollars and I can’t take it back,” under her breath.  So, I was nice to her, and finished my birthday by snuggling at her feet on the couch.  That felt good, and I was glad that my birthday ended well. I just hope that she never decides to surprise me with a strange gift again!

She’s Thinking of Bringing Another Cat Home!

Cats, I cannot believe this. That woman is thinking of bringing another cat home. All I can say is that I don’t think so!

This all started two weeks ago. Mom came home from visiting friends. I knew something was up, because as soon as I rubbed up against her, I smelled another cat and saw that her leg was covered with white fur. I was not happy about that. Then, these horrible words came out of her mouth:
“Grace, I just met another kitty that needs a home. It rubbed up against me outside, and looked hungry and sad. I feel sorry for it. Grace, what do you think about having a nice kitty friend to play with?”

I showed her what I thought about that idea by looking at her like this:






She got the idea.  “Oh all right, Grace.  I won’t bring that kitty home after all.  Don’t you think that you are being selfish, though?”
Yes, and I don’t care!
Mom sighed.  Then she said, “Oh well. I really can’t afford another cat anyway. So, I probably won’t be bringing it home.”

I figured that I’d won that argument.  She didn’t bring up that cat again. So, I thought that she’d forgotten all about it.  And, after becoming famous, and almost losing all of my friends, I forgot about it too. Then, today she said, “Grace, I can’t get that poor kitty out of my mind. Maybe it’s God’s Will that I bring it home.” Then, she left. I thought that she was going to get the other cat, so I prepared myself for battle. I sharpened my claws. I filed my fangs. And, I practiced my best scary yowls, pounces and fighting moves to welcome my new “friend” with. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do anything because she came home alone. However, I am on my guard now, and I’m ready for battle. There is only room for one cat in this house—me!

Oh No, She’s Cleaning Again!

Hello cats.  How are you?  Hope all is well with you.  It sure isn’t with me!

Mom has been cleaning for the last four days.  This has been a horrible time for me.  She used that thing she calls the vacuum, but that I know is the Cat Killer, twice.  And, she found my secret stash of toys.

I will post more later.  Right now, I’m going back under the bed.  This cleaning is too much for me!