Wellness Pure Delights Turkey & Salmon Jerky Treats Review

First, I want to make it clear that the Wellness Pure Delights Turkey and Salmon Jerky treats were supplied to me by chewy.com and Wellness. I really liked what I read about these treats—especially that they are 90% pure meat, and have no by-products in them. Chewy.com shipped these to me via FedEx, and packaged them beautifully. I could hardly wait to see what Grace would do when I gave them to her. I thought that even though she is a picky eater, she would love the pure meat taste. I was wrong.

Grace did eat the treats.  However, she did not do the “happy dance” that she does for wet food.  And, when I mixed them with “junk food” treats, she happily ate the junk food treats and left a piece of the jerky treats untouched.  So, I think I have a junk-food loving cat on my hands.  I guess treats are a matter of taste.  I recommend them to other cat owners, though, since they are healthy.  Your cat may love these treats, depending on their tastes and mood of the moment.

I’d also like to thank both chewy.com and Wellness for providing us with these treats.  I really appreciate that.  Now I’m going to back to my usual invisible role on this web site.

Da Mommacat