No One Is Talking to Me!

Cats, you are not going to believe this.  No one is talking to me!  It all started when I told every cat that I talk to outside, especially That Hussy, about how famous I am now (in case you’re just starting to read my blog, look at my 10/21/11 post about the cats outside of my window to see the descriptions of the cats I am talking about).   At first, they were happy for me.  So, I told them that from now on they had to treat me like the star that I am.  That seemed to annoy them.  So, just to remind them of how important I am now, I started singing, “I am famous . . . oh so famous . . . oh so famous as famous can beeee—”

I didn’t get any further than that because all of them hissed at me.  Then they turned their backs on me!  I figured that they were just jealous, and would get over it.  They haven’t.  The last few days have been the loneliest of my life.  Even Priscilla the Pest and Callie the Kitten haven’t visited me. I don’t understand their reactions—do you?  If so, could you please tell me why they are treating me this way?