What’s Been Going on In My Neighborhood

OK, I’m back.  Now, as promised, I am going to tell you about the latest things going on in my neighborhood.  I would have typed about this earlier, but due to computer crashes, Clawzilla and Taxes, I have either been trying to save the kittens or was unable to access my computer!  However, all of that is behind me now, so I can tell all of you the latest things that are happening with my secret friends.  I am going to type about my old friends first.  Here is a link to my first post about them.  It will help you get to know them if you are new to my blog and don’t know who I’m typing about.


Now, here’s what’s going on with my old friends. First, as some of you know, Callie the Kitten was adopted.   So far, she is very happy in her new home.  And, I don’t think it will surprise you cats to know who’s in charge of it—Callie 🙂

Angelina is OK too.  She is very busy helping the new kittens get over the trauma of being bullied by that Clawzilla.  She’s good at stuff like that, so I think the kittens will be fine.  And Herb is his usual flirty self.  He flirts with any female cat that he sees.  The only exception was Clawzilla, and I can understand that!

That Hussy is still prowling around Herb and any other male cat that will notice her. I haven’t posted about her for a while because she was so scared of that Clawzilla that she wasn’t around my neighborhood for a while.  Sadly, when Clawzilla left, she came back.  I’m not happy about that.  However, I guess I’d rather have her around than a psycho cat who bullies everyone she sees!

Trixie is still my best friend, and we still gossip together.  And, that annoying Priscilla (Cilly) is still coming to my window with all kinds of dramatic stories about what’s going in our neighborhood.  She can talk forever, so I still hide from her when I don’t feel like dealing with her drama.  However, she usually has the latest gossip about what’s going on in our neighborhood.  So, I still talk to her sometimes.

Now, here is what is going on with my new secret friends that I just posted about.  First, Fraidycat has a new name!  After she’d stood up to Clawzilla, and Bruno saved her life, she told us, and “I’m tired of you calling me Fraidycat.  I was the only kitten who tried to fight Clawzilla.  So, from now on, I want you to call me Sheba—you know, like the Queen of Sheba in the Bible.”  I wanted to tell her that if it hadn’t been for Bruno, she’d have been killed.  However, both my friends and I like her, so we said, “OK, Sheba.”  So, that’s what we call her now.

Bruno (the cat who beat up Clawzilla) and the kittens are part of our neighborhood.  And, all of the kittens are staying.  All of us are trying to help them take care of themselves, and they are doing well at that.  And, thanks to Bruno, all of them can beg food from our neighbors when they don’t feel like catching dinner for themselves.  Max the Kitten is especially good at that, when he’s not chasing every female cat in the neighborhood.  Hazel decided to stay here too.  In case you don’t remember, Hazel is the cat that stood up for the kittens and got beat up during Clawzilla’s reign of terror in our neighborhood.  I really like her too.  We talk a lot at my window when Mom’s gone!

Last, Simone the Stealth Cat is doing fine.  She is still spying on everyone and everything in our neighborhood.  Besides that, I can’t tell you much about how she’s doing.  She is a very mysterious cat!

So, all is well with both my old and new friends in the neighborhood—for now at least.  I’ve got to go, though. All of this typing has made me hungry!  Type to you later, cats!

More About the Alley Cats

Hi cats.  How are you?  Hope all is well with you.

I wanted to tell you more about the alley cats.  This is a good time, because Mom is doing the laundry, and she left the computer on.  So, here is a description of more of the alley cats that I posted about before:

Clawzilla (Zilla):  I told you a lot about Clawzilla in my previous post.  However, I didn’t mention what she looks like. Zilla is a three-year old ugly unattractive yellow cat.  She has a lot of scars on her face from previous fights, all of which she won. And, I just found out that she beats up the kittens in her “gang” if they don’t bring her half of the food they beg for or catch themselves. That’s mean! I wish that Animal Control would find her and take her away—forever.

Fraidycat:   Fraidycat is a two-month old black female kitten. Fraidycat (Fraidy) reminds me of me when I was a kitten out there.  She has a sweet personality and longs for a home of her own.  I hope she gets one, because right now that Zilla is mean to her!  Sadly, she can’t fight back because she’s much smaller than Zilla.  That’s why she’s we call her Fraidycat.

Patches:  Patches is a 3-month old multicolored male kitten with patches all over his body.  He is a nice cat.  He also is very funny.  He does a great imitation of Zilla when she’s not around.  And, he is an excellent beggar.   He knows (thanks to me!) the right humans to beg food from.  Last, he shares his food with the other cats once he’s gotten it from the rather naïve humans who live in our apartment complex.

Bruno:  Bruno is a twelve-year-old black and white male cat.  He’s out on the streets because when his human Mom died, no one took him in.  So, as he puts it, he is now living an adventurous life. Bruno is the Begging King.  He teaches all of the kittens how to beg so that they can survive.  Best of all, Bruno tries to protect the kittens from Zilla.  I like him for that!

Hazel:  Hazel is five-year-old brown and white tabby female cat.  She is the alley cat I like the most.  She comes to my window and talks to me.  I like that.  And, she also protects the kittens from that Zilla.  That has led to her getting beaten up more than once.  Hazel doesn’t give up, though.  She wants the kittens to be safe.  And, she managed to claw Zilla in the face during their last fight.  I like that in her!

Princess:  Princess is one of the few purebred cats that live in the alley.  She is a one-year-old, white and brown Siamese cat.  She is a snob.  She is constantly bragging about her “pure” bloodline and that she is a member of a breed that “kings and queens love.”  Well, they may love her, but we don’t!  If I have to hear her bragging about her bloodline one more time, I will scream.

I’ve picked these cats because they are the ones I see the most.  There at least twenty more cats that are either are part of Zilla’s gang, or that live near them.  And, if they keep up some of their . . . err . . . instinctive behaviors, there may be hundreds more.  I hope that doesn’t happen.  If it does, it will be so noisy that I won’t be able to sleep at night and—

Oh no!  Mom’s coming in and she’s got the sheets in her hands.  That means she’s about to put them on the bed that I’m typing on.  I’ve got to go before she knocks me off of it.  Type to you soon, cats!   Also, if you have any ideas about how my friends and I can put that Zilla in her place, please post.  Thanks!


The Alley Cats

Hi cats.  I am happy to report that Mom is normal again.  She yelled at me for jumping up on the counter so I know that she’s back to her usual self.  I’m glad about that.  However, I’ve been so busy posting about my Mom that I forgot to tell you about the newest cats in my neighborhood—the alley cats.

The alley cats that live by my building came to our neighborhood during Operation Snowstorm.  You may remember the seven ungrateful cats that I wrote about in the post I typed while that was happening. If you don’t, or if you are new to my blog, please double-claw this link to read it:


Well, those bums cats, along with many others are now living by our dumpster!  So, I have to listen to their yowlguments all of the time.  Their leader is a cat who goes by the name of Clawzilla (Zilla).  She is a very mean cat.  She is also one of the cats who decided to start the food riot in our storage spaces. So, she is not my favorite cat in the world.  And, I know the dislike is mutual. Trixie told me that she says bad things about me when I’m not around.  I don’t like that.

Even worse, Zilla and her henchcats tried to get my Mom to feed them!  One day, when Mom took out the garbage, she heard a loud, “Meow.”  She was puzzled, so she tried to find the cat that meowed at her.  Thankfully, those cats were hiding, so she couldn’t find them.  When she asked me, “Grace, why did the dumpster just meow at me?”  I wanted to scream “Because there are a lot of mean cats hanging around it.  Call Animal Control!”  I remained silent, though, because the Cat Code of Honor states that I cannot betray any cat whether I like them or not.

And, I do like some of those cats, especially the kittens.  It is fun to watch them con our neighbors into giving them food.  I’ve watched those cats beg for food after they had just eaten a big meal that they’d caught for themselves.  That makes me laugh.  So, I guess I’ll tolerate them for now, as long as they stay away from my territory and my human. I’ve got to go, though.  Mom is home, and she has an interesting-looking box.  I want to see what’s in it.  Type to you later, cats!