Sheba Got Caught!

Hello cats.  I am happy to tell you that as of today, everyone knows that Sheba is a liar.  Here is what happened:

This morning, I was doing what had become my routine—acting crazy to scare away Mom’s stalker while trying to keep an eye on Sheba.  Today, though, Sheba did something different.  Instead of trying to hide her actions, she had the nerve to come up to my window and say, “So, I guess losing your friends has made you flip out, huh Grace?  Now, I can do whatever I want to the kittens and you can’t stop me.  No one believes anything that you say!”

I was about to throw myself at the window and try to claw her eyes out when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a cat I hadn’t seen for a while.  It was Simone the Stealth Cat!  And, I could tell by the look on her face that she’d heard everything that Sheba had just said and was about get her.  So, while Simone was sneaking up behind Sheba, I distracted her by saying, “Sheba, I am busy trying to protect my Mom.  What did you just say?”

Sheba looked at me like I was crazy and started speaking again, “Grace, I said you are crazy and that no one believes you so I can do whatever I wa—OW!  Who just scruffed me?”

“I did,” Simone growled. Then she gave Sheba a look that scared me.  After that, she said, “It’s time for you to take a little trip, Miss Sheba!” and flipped her into the dumpster!

After she’d taken care of Sheba, Simone let out the strangest-sounding, “Meow” that I’ve ever heard.  It was one of those “meows” that humans can’t hear, but that we cats can.  As soon as she did that, all of my friends ran to my window. “What’s going on, Simone?” they meowed as one.

“Sheba has been terrifying the kittens.  And, she has been lying to all of you about it! Grace was telling the truth, even though none of you believed her,” Simone replied.

After Simone said that there was a long silence.  Then, all of my friends looked at me.  To my surprise, they had tears in their eyes.  Then, Angelina ran to my window and cried, “Grace, I am so sorry that I didn’t believe you.  I had a bad feeling about that Sheba, but I didn’t pay attention to it.  Can you forgive me?”

I wanted to make her suffer, cats.  But, I remembered how I felt when I wanted someone to forgive me.  So, I managed to say, “OK, I forgive you Angelina.”

After that, all of my friends came to my window and told me how sorry they were for not believing me.  I was so happy when that happened that I started to cry.  After I’d cried for long enough so they’d feel guilty forever to show them how happy I was that they believed me, I told them that I forgave them.  Then, they started telling me about the latest happenings in our neighborhood.  Sadly, a loud voice interrupted them.  It was Sheba yelling, “Hey!  Somebody let me out of this dumpster—now!”

All of us started to laugh.  Then Angelina and Simone hissed, “It’s going to be a while before we do that Fraidycat.”

“My name is Sheba now,” Fraidy/Sheba yowled.

“Not anymore!” we yowled back.

After we said that, Fraidy/Sheba started to yowl and hiss at everyone.  We weren’t scared of her, though.   It’s hard for a cat to be scary when she’s covered with garbage.  So, we just laughed at her and continued to gossip talk.  After a long time had passed, Fraidy finally admitted that she had lied about everything, and apologized to me.  So, Simone got her out of the dumpster, after she’d agreed to never lie about or hurt another cat ever again.  I hope she can keep that promise, or she may find herself living in the dumpster!

Right now, though, I’m just happy that all of my friends are talking to me again.  I guess that praying for Sheba really did help things to work out, even though I hated doing it at the time.  Right now, though, Herb is at my window and he is looking good. So, I am going to talk to him.  Type to you later, cats!

I Had to Pray for Sheba!

Hi cats.  I just did something that I have never done before—I prayed for a cat that I hate!  I never thought I’d do that.  However, after defending Mom from every male human who looked at our apartment this morning, I decided to take a break.  While I rested, I prayed, Jesus, this is so unfair.  Here I am protecting my Mom from a stalker, and being a good cat in general.  But, that Sheba is getting away with murder.  And, thanks to her, everyone thinks I’m a liar. That’s not fair!  Jesus, could you please hit her with a lightning bolt?

I heard nothing but silence.  So, I added, OK, Jesus, maybe just a little lightning bolt.  You know—just enough to scare her into telling the truth!

After I prayed for Him to do that, three words kept coming into my mind: Pray for her.

At first, I didn’t understand what He meant by that.  I mean, I had already prayed twice!  I was about to let Him know that when I heard Him whisper these words into my heart, “Pray for something nice to happen to her.”

When He said that, I let out such a loud yowl that people on the street started running away from our block.  Then I screamed, “No way!  I hate her.  I will not pray for something nice to happen to a cat that made me into a liar. That’s unfair!”

He replied, “People did a lot of things to Me that were unfair, and I died for them.”

Well, I really couldn’t argue with Him after He said that. Mom reads to me from the Bible, so I know about what happened to Him.  So, I prayed, Jesus, I hate Sheba, but since You asked me, I pray that You bless her.  In fact, I pray You bless her by finding her a new home today.  And, could You please make it an out-of-state home so that I’ll never have to see her again?

After I prayed, I could have sworn that He laughed.  Then, I heard Him say, “At least you tried, Grace. Good girl.

I was very happy when He said that.  And, I felt a perfect peace that I can’t explain for a few minutes.  Sadly, that didn’t last long because I heard Sheba yelling at the kittens again. That made me mad.  However, I have the funniest feeling that everything will work out—somehow.  In the meantime, though, I am going to keep trying to scare both the stalker and Sheba.  So, I have to say, “Bye” for now.  Type to you later cats!

Sheba’s Made a Liar Out of Me!

Hi, cats.  How are you?  I hope all is well with you.  I haven’t posted for a while because I have been too upset to type.  That’s because Sheba’s made a liar out of me!  Here is what happened:

About two days after I posted about how mean Sheba was getting, Angelina came to my window.  When I saw her, I ran to the window and said, “Angelina, I’m so glad that you’re here.  Sheba has become a bully and I don’t know how to stop her!  She is tormenting the kittens.  What should we do about that?” I almost fainted when Angelina replied, “Grace, I didn’t want to believe Sheba when she told me you were making up stories about her.  But, now I see that it’s true!  How dare you lie about her?”

“Why don’t you ask Toby how he got the claw marks on his face?” I growled. (Toby is the name of the kitten that Sheba clawed in the face).

So, Angelina walked over to take a look at Toby.  And, I looked out of the window to see what Sheba was up to.  Well cats, that miserable Sheba was grooming him and giving him kisses.  You would have thought that he was her child.  However, I heard her hiss, “You’d better not tell on me or you’ll be sorry!” at him before Angelina got there.  So, poor Toby told Angelina that everything was OK, and that he’d gotten the claw mark on his face while climbing a tree.

Sadly, Angelina believed him.  So, she told me that she was not speaking to me until I apologized to Sheba and stopped lying about her.  I told her that wasn’t going to happen—ever.  So, after saying, “Well, then have fun on your own, Grace,” Angelina stalked away.

Of course as soon as Angelina was gone, Sheba started being mean again.  I don’t think that anyone will believe me though.  Sheba has convinced Angelina, and all of my friends that I am lying about her.  And, she’s very good at pretending to be nice to the kittens when Angelina, or any other cat in our neighborhood, is anywhere near our alley.  So, she has made a liar out me, and I don’t know what to do about that!

Cats, I need your help. If you have any ideas about how I can prove that Sheba is lying, please post!  I really need some advice. Thanks!

Sheba Has Turned into Clawzilla Junior!

Hi cats. How are you? Hope all is well with you.

I would have typed sooner, but if you look at the comments section of my web site, you’ll see that I’ve been busy answering comments. Mom told me our blog may be becoming more popular. I hope and pray that’s true. If it is, that could mean that I’ll make some money with my writing. If I do, I will donate at least some of it to the cats at the shelter where I came from. Then, I will buy enough salmon to feed me for life. After that, if there’s anything left over, I may buy Mom a little something—like a cup of coffee since she is cheating on her caffeine diet.

Now, I have to tell you about Sheba. In case you forgot, Sheba was formerly known as Fraidycat until she stood up to that mean Clawzilla. Well cats, I’m here to tell you that we may have a Clawzilla Junior on our hands named Sheba. Here are just a few of the things I’ve heard her say to the kittens that she hangs out with:

“Get me some food. I am the Queen of Sheba, so I don’t have to dirty my paws catching my own food anymore!”
“Get over here and scratch my back. Queens deserve a massage.”
“Don’t start anything with me, or I’ll claw your eyes out!”

Oh no! I just heard a yowl. It sounds like a kitten has been hurt. I’ll be right back. I have to see what’s going on!

Later . . .

Cats, you will not believe what I just saw. When I ran to the window, I saw Sheba clawing one of the youngest kittens in the alley. I cannot believe that she did that—especially since she knows how it feels to be another cat’s scratching post. I yelled at her, so that kitten is safe for now. However, I can’t be at the window all of the time. So, as soon as I see Angelina again, I am going to tell her about how mean Sheba has become. I’ve got to go, though. I’m going back to the window to make sure she doesn’t hurt anyone else until I snitch tell on her.

In the meantime, please post if you have any ideas about what I should do about that Sheba. Also, if you wish, please pray that Miss Clawzilla Junior doesn’t hurt anyone else. Thanks!

What’s Been Going on In My Neighborhood

OK, I’m back.  Now, as promised, I am going to tell you about the latest things going on in my neighborhood.  I would have typed about this earlier, but due to computer crashes, Clawzilla and Taxes, I have either been trying to save the kittens or was unable to access my computer!  However, all of that is behind me now, so I can tell all of you the latest things that are happening with my secret friends.  I am going to type about my old friends first.  Here is a link to my first post about them.  It will help you get to know them if you are new to my blog and don’t know who I’m typing about.

Now, here’s what’s going on with my old friends. First, as some of you know, Callie the Kitten was adopted.   So far, she is very happy in her new home.  And, I don’t think it will surprise you cats to know who’s in charge of it—Callie 🙂

Angelina is OK too.  She is very busy helping the new kittens get over the trauma of being bullied by that Clawzilla.  She’s good at stuff like that, so I think the kittens will be fine.  And Herb is his usual flirty self.  He flirts with any female cat that he sees.  The only exception was Clawzilla, and I can understand that!

That Hussy is still prowling around Herb and any other male cat that will notice her. I haven’t posted about her for a while because she was so scared of that Clawzilla that she wasn’t around my neighborhood for a while.  Sadly, when Clawzilla left, she came back.  I’m not happy about that.  However, I guess I’d rather have her around than a psycho cat who bullies everyone she sees!

Trixie is still my best friend, and we still gossip together.  And, that annoying Priscilla (Cilly) is still coming to my window with all kinds of dramatic stories about what’s going in our neighborhood.  She can talk forever, so I still hide from her when I don’t feel like dealing with her drama.  However, she usually has the latest gossip about what’s going on in our neighborhood.  So, I still talk to her sometimes.

Now, here is what is going on with my new secret friends that I just posted about.  First, Fraidycat has a new name!  After she’d stood up to Clawzilla, and Bruno saved her life, she told us, and “I’m tired of you calling me Fraidycat.  I was the only kitten who tried to fight Clawzilla.  So, from now on, I want you to call me Sheba—you know, like the Queen of Sheba in the Bible.”  I wanted to tell her that if it hadn’t been for Bruno, she’d have been killed.  However, both my friends and I like her, so we said, “OK, Sheba.”  So, that’s what we call her now.

Bruno (the cat who beat up Clawzilla) and the kittens are part of our neighborhood.  And, all of the kittens are staying.  All of us are trying to help them take care of themselves, and they are doing well at that.  And, thanks to Bruno, all of them can beg food from our neighbors when they don’t feel like catching dinner for themselves.  Max the Kitten is especially good at that, when he’s not chasing every female cat in the neighborhood.  Hazel decided to stay here too.  In case you don’t remember, Hazel is the cat that stood up for the kittens and got beat up during Clawzilla’s reign of terror in our neighborhood.  I really like her too.  We talk a lot at my window when Mom’s gone!

Last, Simone the Stealth Cat is doing fine.  She is still spying on everyone and everything in our neighborhood.  Besides that, I can’t tell you much about how she’s doing.  She is a very mysterious cat!

So, all is well with both my old and new friends in the neighborhood—for now at least.  I’ve got to go, though. All of this typing has made me hungry!  Type to you later, cats!

My New Secret Friends In the Neighborhood

Hi cats.  I’ve created this post so that if you are new to my blog, you will know who I am talking about in my next post about what’s been going on in our neigborhood. My new friends are:

Bruno:  Bruno is a twelve-year-old black and white male cat.  He’s the one who beat up Clawzilla.  He is still out on the streets because when his human Mom died, no one took him in.  So, as he puts it, he is now living an adventurous life. Bruno is the Begging King, so he is still teaching the kittens how to beg for food when they don’t feel like catching their own dinner.  He has become like a Cat Dad to me.  And, all of us feel safer with him around since he can do the cat version of karate.

Clawzilla:  Clawzilla is not a friend of mine.  However, I’m including that miserable cat in this listing in case you are new to my blog and don’t know who I’m talking about.  Clawzilla was the cat who terrorized our neighborhood by hurting my friends, and bullying kittens.  She is gone, thanks to Bruno beating her up.  I really hope that we never see her again!

Fraidycat/Sheba:   Fraidycat is over three months old now. She is a pretty black kitten with big green eyes like mine. Fraidycat/Sheba asked us to call her “Sheba” after she stood up to Clawzilla.  We do, even though we know that without Bruno’s help, she’d have been killed for doing that. Sheba still has a sweet personality—that is she has a sweet personality when she’s not trying to act like the “Queen of Sheba.”  When she does that, we all ignore her.  I sure hope she doesn’t become a mean cat like Clawzilla!

Max the Kitten:  Max is the kitten who wanted to stay with me during Operation Snowstorm.  He is an orange tabby with bright blue eyes.  He’s much bigger than he was when I posted about him in my “Mean Dog” and “Operation Snowstorm” posts. In fact, he is currently in heat.  So, he is chasing all of the female kittens and cats in our neighborhood.   He even tried to sweet-talk me once! I don’t think he’ll do that again, since I let him know that I was not interested in him.  There are lots of girl cats who like him though.  I have a feeling that he’ll turn out like Herb when he grows up.

Hazel:  Hazel is five-year-old brown and white tabby female cat.  Hazel is the cat who tried to protect the kittens from that mean Clawzilla and got beat up while doing that.  I like her because she is brave, and is fun to talk to.  Hazel also longs for a home of her own.  However, she is afraid that no human/s will want her because she’s “too old.”  I hope that isn’t true.  Hazel is a good cat who deserves a home of her own.

Simone the Stealth Cat:  Simone is the mysterious gray cat that I’ve posted about before.  I’m not sure that I can call her my friend, since I know nothing about her!  I don’t even know if she has a home, or is another alley cat.  However, she always shows up when we have a bad situation on our hands.  So, I am happy that she is part of our neighborhood.  We need her!

There are other new cats in my neighborhood, but these are the cats I talk to the most.  I hope this post helps you to get a good idea of what my new friends are like.  Next, I’m going to tell you the latest gossip news about them in a separate post that I’m putting up right now.  I’ll be right back!


The Cats Who Live Outside of my Window

OK, cats.  Now, I’m going to finally tell you more about the secret world outside of my window. Today, I’m going to talk about the cats that I am friends with.  Naturally, Mom doesn’t have a clue about this. I have typed about some of them before, but I want to tell you more about them.  Here are the names and descriptions of the cats I talk to the most:

Herb:  Herb is a good looking cat, and he knows it!  He has beautiful ebony fur like I do.  And, he knows how to sweet-talk a girl.  So, it’s no wonder that I thought of him first!  Herb is one of those cats who like it outside.  He says he loves his freedom, but I think he likes to be free to flirt with all of the female cats in our neighborhood.  He’s funny too.  He says things to me like, “Come away with me, Grace.  I will show you a new world and love you forever.”  When he says that, I just laugh at him.  My experience with a smooth-talking tomcat taught me not to believe in promises like that.   However, when Herb’s not hitting on me, we have some really nice talks 🙂 And yes, I like to flirt with him.  I’m fixed, not dead!

Trixie:  Trixie is a beautiful black and white cat, who has a home and gets to go outside.  She is my best friend.  We gossip about the other cats and humans in the neighborhood.  And, we laugh about the silly things that our humans do.  Best of all, we figure out how to make our humans do what we want. I love her, but I don’t like it when she flirts with Herb!

Angelina:  Angelina is a pretty calico cat, and she’s nice too.  She’s another cat who has a home, but is allowed to go outside.  Angelina has a way of coming along when I need her the most, including the times when I get into fights with Mom.  She always gives me good advice, and talks me out of clawing Mom in the face.  Sometimes I think Angelina is a cat angel!

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