I’ve Chosen a Human and I’m Home—Help!

If you are scared, and are reading this page while hiding from the human/s you chose, I understand how you feel.  That’s what I did when Mom brought me home.  And, her attempts to get me to come out didn’t help things a bit.  So, if you have just moved in with your human/s, give yourself time to adjust.  It may take you weeks to adjust to your new home. I’ve got to warn you that the human/s who adopted you may not understand this, though.  They may even expect you to bond with them right away.  If your human/s are like that, don’t let them intimidate you.  Instead, reach out to them at your pace.  And, if they try to force you to come out of a hiding place before you are ready, swipe at them. That tends to discourage them.  And, they will feel like they have to work to earn your trust.  This will help you to control them later.

When you are ready, initiate contact with them.  Make sure that your first contact with them is memorable.  For example, I jumped up in bed with Mom and woke her up at 3:00 A.M.  She hasn’t forgotten about that.  Next, even if you love the human/s who adopted you, take your time in letting them know that.  You can do that by allowing them to snuggle you for just a moment, and then running away. That will make them pay attention to you, and feel sorry for the “poor scared kitty.”  Once you are comfortable with them, gradually increase your interaction with them.  Then, they will have to work to get your love and attention.  This will make them respect you.

If they do something that you don’t like, let them know right away.  I yowl at Mom, and turn my back on her when I’m not happy with her.  You can do that, or whatever seems natural to you, such as hissing at them, hiding or swiping at them.  Just make sure that you don’t actually hurt your human/s while expressing your displeasure with them. That could make you lose your new home—especially if you claw a child!

I can’t advise you about how to handle the animals/s that are already living in your new home, since I’m an only cat.  However, I do believe that a well-timed swipe of the paw can let those other animal/s know that you can’t be pushed around.  Just make sure that you do that when your human/s aren’t looking!

OK, cats, now it’s your turn.  How did you manage to adjust to your new home?  Also, if you had to deal with other animal/s when you moved in, please tell me what you did to control them.  Thanks!



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