Rewards and Punishments

Rewards and Punishments

The first thing that you need to know about training your human/s is that they are very stubborn creatures.  So, don’t expect to train them in a few days.  It can take months or even years to teach your human/s to behave.  There are two main training tools that you will use to train them.  They are rewards and punishments. The idea is to reward your human/s when they do something you like, and to punish them when they do something that you don’t like.

As you try these ideas out, make sure that you reward your human/s every time that they do something you like, and punish them every time they do something you dislike.  You have to be consistent, because humans—especially stubborn ones like my Mom —need repetitions of rewards and punishments in order to learn how to behave.  Here are just a few things that you can do to reward or punish your human/s


1.  Give them a kiss when they do something nice.

2.  Allow them to snuggle you when they are behaving.

3.  Allow them to teach you “tricks” like playing fetch—on  your terms, of course!

4.  Sleep with them.

5.  Greet them like royalty when they come home.

6.  Look deeply into their eyes, and then give them a nice head rub.

7.  Listen to their problems, and then give them a kiss.

8.  Let them pet and snuggle you like this:





9.  Let them think they’re in charge of the house, even though we both know that you own it!

10. If they do something that you love, like giving you your favorite food, be nice to them all day.  That will encourage them to repeat their good behavior/s.


1.  Hiss, yowl or growl at them.

2.  Ignore them like this:





3.  Swipe at them.

4.  Hide from them.

5.  Give them dirty looks like this:





6.  Look at them with big sad eyes, and then meow softly.  After you do that, walk away from them. That will make them feel guilty about whatever they did.

7. “Accidentally” poop outside of your litter box.

8.  “Accidentally” kick litter out of your litter box.

9.  Hide things that are important to them—like their glasses.

10.  Refuse to play with them—even if you really want to.

11.  Claw up their possessions such as couches, etc.

12.  Wake them up in the middle of the night with your loudest meowing, yowling or howling!

13.  If they think it’s funny to wake you up to play with them, look at them like this:





That will discourage them from trying that again—especially if you swipe at them with your claws (remember not to draw blood though, because that could get you in trouble)!

14.  If they are ignoring you, climb into the closet and knock things down.  Here is a picture of me getting ready to do that:






These are just a few ideas for you to try.  You probably will find your own techniques that work well in training your humans.  Please feel free to post about them—I am always looking for new ways to control my Mom.  I’ve got to go, though.  It’s time to re-arrange the blinds!


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