Computer and Clawzilla Update

Hi cats. I just wanted to update you on what is going on with my Mom and I, and what is going on in my neighborhood.

Mom is going through C.W. (Computer Withdrawal). She is typing in her sleep. She is looking at the spot where our computer was and letting out a deep sigh of disappointment when she sees that it’s not there. The only good thing about this is that she has more time to play with me. I like that. However, I can’t play with her 24/7. So, I am praying that our computer will be fixed soon so that Mom will be back to normal. Then, I’ll get some much-needed rest!

As for my neighborhood—well, that Clawzilla (Zilla) is still terrorizing it.  Angelina led a Council of Cats which met for the purpose of deciding what to do about her. Well, guess who walked into it?  Clawzilla! She interrupted the Council and growled, “Don’t even think about trying to stop me or I will hurt you.” Then, she stalked away.

That scared everyone, but the Council continued. The cats there decided to stick together and protect the kittens from her. This is not going well. After the Council ended, Herb saw her being mean to a kitten. So, he tried to defend it. Well, the next thing we saw was Herb being flipped over the dumpster! Even worse, he had a long scratch mark on his face. All of us comforted him, and I smuggled him some Neosporin so that his cut would be OK, and so that I’d have an excuse to be close to him.

After that, two cats that I really don’t know that well decided to put that Zilla in her place. They were tough, strong cats so we figured they could take care of business with her. We were wrong. She beat both of them up and growled, “I told you you’d get hurt!”  Then, she let out the scariest laugh that I’ve ever heard.

So, we don’t know what we are going to do about her. I need your help, cats. Have you ever had a mean cat like her in your neighborhood? If so, how did you kill do about it? Please post soon. You may be saving a kitten’s life!



Our Computer Crashed!

Hi cats.  I just wanted to let you know that you may not hear from me for a couple of weeks because our computer crashed today!  And, the people who made it are making Mom send it to them to be fixed.  This could take up to two weeks— 


Just ignore that, cats.  It’s Mom, screaming.  Anyway, I will try to post by tapping into another computer.  And, I wanted to let you know that we have decided to call a Council of Cats about that Clawzilla.  She is getting meaner and meaner.  So, when I post next I will tell you about what happened.

In the meantime, pray for me cats.  I will have to deal with a Mom in computer withdrawal for two weeks.  Thanks!

More About the Alley Cats

Hi cats.  How are you?  Hope all is well with you.

I wanted to tell you more about the alley cats.  This is a good time, because Mom is doing the laundry, and she left the computer on.  So, here is a description of more of the alley cats that I posted about before:

Clawzilla (Zilla):  I told you a lot about Clawzilla in my previous post.  However, I didn’t mention what she looks like. Zilla is a three-year old ugly unattractive yellow cat.  She has a lot of scars on her face from previous fights, all of which she won. And, I just found out that she beats up the kittens in her “gang” if they don’t bring her half of the food they beg for or catch themselves. That’s mean! I wish that Animal Control would find her and take her away—forever.

Fraidycat:   Fraidycat is a two-month old black female kitten. Fraidycat (Fraidy) reminds me of me when I was a kitten out there.  She has a sweet personality and longs for a home of her own.  I hope she gets one, because right now that Zilla is mean to her!  Sadly, she can’t fight back because she’s much smaller than Zilla.  That’s why she’s we call her Fraidycat.

Patches:  Patches is a 3-month old multicolored male kitten with patches all over his body.  He is a nice cat.  He also is very funny.  He does a great imitation of Zilla when she’s not around.  And, he is an excellent beggar.   He knows (thanks to me!) the right humans to beg food from.  Last, he shares his food with the other cats once he’s gotten it from the rather naïve humans who live in our apartment complex.

Bruno:  Bruno is a twelve-year-old black and white male cat.  He’s out on the streets because when his human Mom died, no one took him in.  So, as he puts it, he is now living an adventurous life. Bruno is the Begging King.  He teaches all of the kittens how to beg so that they can survive.  Best of all, Bruno tries to protect the kittens from Zilla.  I like him for that!

Hazel:  Hazel is five-year-old brown and white tabby female cat.  She is the alley cat I like the most.  She comes to my window and talks to me.  I like that.  And, she also protects the kittens from that Zilla.  That has led to her getting beaten up more than once.  Hazel doesn’t give up, though.  She wants the kittens to be safe.  And, she managed to claw Zilla in the face during their last fight.  I like that in her!

Princess:  Princess is one of the few purebred cats that live in the alley.  She is a one-year-old, white and brown Siamese cat.  She is a snob.  She is constantly bragging about her “pure” bloodline and that she is a member of a breed that “kings and queens love.”  Well, they may love her, but we don’t!  If I have to hear her bragging about her bloodline one more time, I will scream.

I’ve picked these cats because they are the ones I see the most.  There at least twenty more cats that are either are part of Zilla’s gang, or that live near them.  And, if they keep up some of their . . . err . . . instinctive behaviors, there may be hundreds more.  I hope that doesn’t happen.  If it does, it will be so noisy that I won’t be able to sleep at night and—

Oh no!  Mom’s coming in and she’s got the sheets in her hands.  That means she’s about to put them on the bed that I’m typing on.  I’ve got to go before she knocks me off of it.  Type to you soon, cats!   Also, if you have any ideas about how my friends and I can put that Zilla in her place, please post.  Thanks!


The Alley Cats

Hi cats.  I am happy to report that Mom is normal again.  She yelled at me for jumping up on the counter so I know that she’s back to her usual self.  I’m glad about that.  However, I’ve been so busy posting about my Mom that I forgot to tell you about the newest cats in my neighborhood—the alley cats.

The alley cats that live by my building came to our neighborhood during Operation Snowstorm.  You may remember the seven ungrateful cats that I wrote about in the post I typed while that was happening. If you don’t, or if you are new to my blog, please double-claw this link to read it:

Well, those bums cats, along with many others are now living by our dumpster!  So, I have to listen to their yowlguments all of the time.  Their leader is a cat who goes by the name of Clawzilla (Zilla).  She is a very mean cat.  She is also one of the cats who decided to start the food riot in our storage spaces. So, she is not my favorite cat in the world.  And, I know the dislike is mutual. Trixie told me that she says bad things about me when I’m not around.  I don’t like that.

Even worse, Zilla and her henchcats tried to get my Mom to feed them!  One day, when Mom took out the garbage, she heard a loud, “Meow.”  She was puzzled, so she tried to find the cat that meowed at her.  Thankfully, those cats were hiding, so she couldn’t find them.  When she asked me, “Grace, why did the dumpster just meow at me?”  I wanted to scream “Because there are a lot of mean cats hanging around it.  Call Animal Control!”  I remained silent, though, because the Cat Code of Honor states that I cannot betray any cat whether I like them or not.

And, I do like some of those cats, especially the kittens.  It is fun to watch them con our neighbors into giving them food.  I’ve watched those cats beg for food after they had just eaten a big meal that they’d caught for themselves.  That makes me laugh.  So, I guess I’ll tolerate them for now, as long as they stay away from my territory and my human. I’ve got to go, though.  Mom is home, and she has an interesting-looking box.  I want to see what’s in it.  Type to you later, cats!

Help! I Think Mom Has Gone Crazy

Hi cats.  How are you?  I hope that all is well with you!

I am really worried about my Mom.  I think she has gone crazy!  I think that because of what happened this morning.  After Mom woke up, I was so excited that she was up and moving that I ran to meet her on the top of the refrigerator.  I do that by jumping up on the couch, getting on the bookcase and then jumping up on the refrigerator.  Today, that did not go well.  I tripped while jumping up on the refrigerator.  Then, I got tangled up in the nice fleece blanket she has on top of it.  That led me to knock down the big ceramic cat on top of the refrigerator.  It hit the floor with a crash, and then shattered!  Here is what it looked like:









As you can see, I destroyed it. And, I clawed Mom’s hand when she tried to stop me from falling. I knew she wasn’t happy about that.  So, I did what any cat does when they know they’re in Big Trouble.  I hid under the bed, and waited for her to start yelling.  I couldn’t believe what happened next.  Mom started to laugh.  Then she said in a nice voice, “Grace, you can come out of there.  It was an accident.  It’s not your fault.  I’m not mad at you!”

I thought, Yeah, right.  You’re just trying to trick me so that I’ll come out.  Then, you’ll scruff me!  So, I remained under the bed while she cleaned up the mess.

Then she stated, “Grace, I meant what I said.  You are not in trouble.  Accidents happen!”

I still didn’t believe her, but I figured I might as well get my punishment over with.  So, I slinked out from under the bed, and waited for her to get me.  Well, cats—there was no punishment.  Mom looked me over and made sure I was OK.  Then she petted me and played with me.

I was and am in shock.  Mom has never been this nice to me before.  So, I think that she has gone crazy! Cats, what do you think?  Did she mean what she said, or has she lost her mind?  Please let me know.  I am really worried over here!

Humans Are Dumping Their Pets at Animal Shelters

Hi cats.  I usually don’t type about human affairs, but this one involves us.  People are dumping their pets at animal shelters!  If you don’t believe me, click on the link below:* 

I almost jumped the computer monitor when Mom showed me this story.   I couldn’t believe that people could be so cruel. As you can see, though, they are.  And that makes me very angry!





So, cats of the world, we need to unite.  First, we need to be very careful about choosing the humans we live with.  Second, if they try to “dump” us somewhere, we need to claw them in the face let them know how upset we are. Third, we cats who blog need to let everyone know how we feel about this issue.  I feel furious, and I’ll bet most of the other cats who blog feel the same way.   Last, the laws that govern how humans treat us need to be changed. I think they should be sentenced to years in jail. Then they’d see what life in a cage is like!

Now it’s your turn, cats.  What do you think should happen to humans who dump their pets at a shelter that is already overcrowded—knowing that those pets might be killed? Please post and let me know.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

*This link does not imply that Inside Edition endorses, sponsors, or is affiliated in any way with our web site. It is provided for informational purposes only.  Also, be aware that you are being directed to a third-party web site that we cannot control.  Thanks!  Da Mommacat*

Our Computer Is Fixed

Hi cats. I’m happy to report that we are up and running on our home computer again. So, here I am! And, Mom is no longer a crazed maniac. However, she did have a hard time fixing it. Here is an excerpt from one of the many long conversations that she had with the people who made our computer:

Mom: I have to re-install Windows, and all of my data?!
Computer Person: Yes.
Mom: Can I shoot the computer?
Computer Person: Ma’am that would void your warranty.

As you can see, Mom went nuts was very upset. I’m glad that’s over with. Best of all, she is paying attention to me again—when she’s not applying Neosporin to the mysterious claw mark cut on her finger. I’ve got to go, though. Trixie’s at the window, and I want to hear all of the latest gossip news about what’s been going on with the cats in our neighborhood. Type to you later, cats!

Help! We’re Having Computer Problems

Hi cats.  I’m typing this to let you know that I may not post for a few days because Mom and I are having computer problems.  This started when Mom had trouble getting the computer to boot up.  That led to her making a phone call to the people who made our computer.  The person on the phone worked on our computer for an hour.  However, all that they did was make it worse.  So, Mom has to call them again.  I hope that she gets someone who knows what they are doing this time.  Then, I’ll be able to write my blog, and Mom will be able to work on the computer when I’m not using it.

In the meantime, please pray for me cats.  I am dealing with a Mom who is a crazed maniac! She is so obsessed with how the computer is doing that when she got home tonight, she asked the computer how it was doing before even looking at me. That is unfair.  I should be more important to her than a miserable machine that seems bent on self-destruction!  If she keeps this up, she may find some mysterious claw marks on her when she wakes up tomorrow.  Or, I’ll throw up on her shoes!

I’ve got to go, though.  She’s looking at me and I don’t want her to see what I just typed.  Type to you later, cats (I hope!)

The Evil Vacuum Cleaner

Hi cats, especially Vladimer. I am about to post about the evil—








vacuum cleaner.  Underneath the garbage bags its camouflage lurks a monster. I am sure that it has hurt or killed many a cat or unwary kitten.  So, I am working hard at destroying it—forever.  So far, though, I’ve only managed to disable it.  I will post more later about my battle against this miserable thing. Until then, if any of you know how to kill it, please post.  Thanks!

Operation Snowstorm Was a Success

Hi everyone.  I am happy to report that Operation Snowstorm was a success.  I’m not going to be too specific on the Internet, but let’s just say that a lot of cats found safe, warm places to stay in our apartment complex.  And, thanks to the efforts of all of the cats who live here, none of those cats were hungry.   However, feeding the seven that I got stuck with who chose to stay in my building was a real challenge.  I worked my paws off to get them food until the storm ended.  So, you’d think that they’d be grateful. They weren’t.  After I’d brought them food for hours, they had the nerve to complain about my “service”.  Here is what they said, and how I responded to them:

“Hey, Grace!  I need more food, now,” an obnoxious, flea-ridden cat yelled.

“You ate almost a week’s supply of my food.  Why don’t you go and catch a mouse or something?” I yelled back.

“Can you believe what she said—go catch a mouse.  This is the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed at,” complained a purebred cat that had fallen on hard times.

“Yes, it is.  Let’s all yowl at her at once!  We want food!  We want food!” all seven of the cats yowled.  Then, they began banging things around in the storage space as    they yowled.

That did it.  I screamed, “This is not a hotel, and I am not your maid!  If you want food, you’ll have to get it yourself.  And, if you keep on banging things around, I will claw your eyes out!”

It got very quiet after I said that.  Then, the cats went to the dumpster and served themselves.  And, when they got back they didn’t make any more noise.  They even tiptoed out the door when they went back outside after the storm was over.  I was very happy when they were gone.  I finally had a chance to sleep!

The next day, I heard a familiar, “Psssst, Grace.” at the window.  It was Angelina.

I thought that she’d lecture me for yelling at those cats.  So, I said, “Angelina, those cats made me yell at them.  They were the most obnoxious cats that I’ve ever met!”

I almost fainted when Angelina said, “That’s OK, Grace.  I would have yelled at them too.  I just came over to tell you how proud I am of you for helping them.  And, there are some other cats who want to thank you too.”

Then, I saw a crowd of cats—more cats then I’d ever seen in my life.  All of them smiled at me.  Then, one by one, all of them thanked me.  Some of them even said that I’d saved their lives.  I was very happy when they said that.  I felt like I’d made a difference.  However, I hope that it will be a long time before I have to have to go through this again.

Now it’s your turn, cats.  If you’ve ever done someone a favor and they yelled at you, please tell me what happened.  Also, I could really use some advice on what to say to the ungrateful cats if I ever see them again.  Thanks!