Proof that Humans Are Crazy!

They actually pay for – poop!

Yes, poop.  Manure is just a nicer word for it. 

And, I just found out today (1-8-2012) that they pay $30.00 a cup for coffee made from “cat poop.”  If you don’t believe me, go look up “Kopi Luwak” on any search engine.  The results will shock you.  I’m glad that the “cat poop coffee” really isn’t made from cat poop, though.  It’s made from an animal that is related to a mongoose, whatever that is.  If it’s anything like us cats, though, it probably laughs its head off at the humans who eat the coffee made from its poop!

Then, there’s what they call art.  This is supposed to be a bulldog.

I’ve never seen a bulldog that looks like this.  Have you?  Please

post and let me know what you think of this picture.




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