It’s Our First Anniversary!

Today is one year from the day that Mom adopted me from the shelter.  Mom calls this our Adoption Anniversary.  Now, I have to tell you that it did not start off well.  She told me “Happy Anniversary.” when she woke up but did I get any more attention than that?  Nope.  She rushed around the apartment, and then left me alone for over eight hours so that she could work.  All I could think was, This is a horrible anniversary!

I’m happy to say that that has changed.  When Mom finally got home, she smiled at me.  Then, she gave me three new toys.  I’m not sure if I like the big rat-like toy, but I do like my two new balls.  Best of all, she gave me my favorite chicken and salmon dinner.  So, I think I’ll keep her—for another day at least 🙂 I’ve got to go, though.  That chicken and salmon dinner is calling my name!