What Our Council of Cats Decided to Do About Callie

Sorry to take so long to type, cats.  I was busy on my assignment from the Council of Cats.  If you’re wondering why we had a Council, please read my previous post.  Also, just in case you’re a kitten. and don’t what a Council of Cats is, it is a solemn assembly of cats for a specific purpose.  So, cats who participate in the Conference have to get along.  At least that’s the ideal.  Here is how ours went:

Angelina chaired the Council of Cats that Herb called for.  They held it by my window so that I could participate.  I made sure that Mom was asleep before we started.  Then, Angelina said, “I am chairing this Council of Cats.  I think all of you know that the purpose of this Council is to find Callie.   That means that all of you must be on your best behav—“

“Yowl!  Hsssssssssst!  Get away from Herb, you hussy,” I interrupted when I saw That Hussy was trying to snuggle close to Herb.

“Shut up Grace!  I’ll do whatever I want,” That Hussy growled.

“Oh yeah?  Well. take this,” I yowled.  Then I threw myself at her and hit the window with a loud thwap.

“What’s going on out there?” Mom mumbled in her sleep.

“Stop it you two!  Have you forgotten the most important rule—that we all get along?” Angelina exclaimed.

“Err . . . sorry,” we both mumbled.

Then, the Council continued.  I’m not writing everything about it since snoopy humans have access to this post.  The gist of it was that all of us were assigned areas to search for Callie at.  Then, we exchanged contact information in case one of us found her.  After that, we closed the Conference.

My assignment is to patrol our apartment building.  So, I have to stay in the windows to see if Callie is with any of our neighbors.  So far, I haven’t seen anything and I’m bored stiff.  I will continue to patrol though.  I really want to find her before she gets hurt!