Operation Snowstorm

Hi cats. I can only type for a few minutes because as you can see, there is a lot of snow falling in our neighborhood.  So, I am in the middle of Operation Snowstorm. This is what’s going on:

This morning, Angelina appeared at my window. After telling me that we would have a major snowstorm today, she asked me: “Grace, did you really mean it when you said when you’d sneak cats into your home?”

“Errrr—yes. But, Angelina, I don’t want to get into trouble with my Mom! If they have fleas, and we get them, she will kill me,” I replied.

“So does that mean you are going back on your word?!” Angelina growled.

“Angelina, would you let a cat with fleas stay with you?” I asked.

Angelina glared at me. Then she said, “Well, you have a point. OK. Let’s go to Plan B. Are there any places where cats can hide in your building?”

When she asked me that, I remembered something that my Mom had told me about the laundry room she lives in goes to. She’d told me that it had a great big storage room full of our landlord’s things. So, I told Angelina about that. Angelina said, “I’ll be back, Grace. Maybe your apartment building has lots of storage places. I’m sending Simone the Stealth Cat to see if that’s true.  It was.  So, that is where my friends are going to hide during this snowstorm. They think it’s safe, since the humans who own the storage spaces don’t visit them very often. I hope that’s true. Also, I hope that they don’t get caught!

I can’t worry about that now, though. Angelina and Simone finally told me what my job is during Operation Snowstorm—to feed the cats that hide in the storage places in my building. I have already put out a lot of food for them. I did that by going into the grey tote my Mom doesn’t know I can get into, grabbing food, and shoving it under my door. The cats have already grabbed the food that I put out while Mom was gone. There were only three of them, so they should have plenty of foo—”

“Hey, Grace! We’re hungry. We want some food now!”

Oh no! There are four more cats hiding out by my apartment. That makes seven cats that I have to feed. Oh well, I can do this.  After all, I don’t want them to be hungry.  So, I have to go and bring them more food. Type to you later, cats!