My Mom Has Turned into a Clean Freak!

Hi cats.  How are you?  Hope all is well with you.

I am happy to say that as of today, Clawzilla hasn’t been spotted in our neighborhood.  So, all is well with me and my friends.  And, Mom is spending less time on the computer and paying attention to me.  However, she’s replaced her computer obsession with a cleaning obsession.  In fact, she has turned into a clean freak!  She has cleaned every surface in our home with icky chemicals.  And, she has taken out that machine that I hate—the evil vacuum cleaner— and vacuumed twice in one week.  Worst of all, she almost hit me in the head with something called a “mop”:  Here is what it looks like:









I know, it doesn’t look like it could hurt anyone. However, in my Mom’s hands a mop is a lethal weapon. I had to hide under the bed so she wouldn’t hit me in the head with it.  And, she got so into cleaning that she actually swept and mopped under the microwave where she found my secret stash of toys:






She tried to put them back the way I’d arranged them, but it will take me days to get them back to the way they should be.  Worst of all she used some horrible smelly stuff to mop the floor with.  She told me it was pet-friendly, but I have to disagree with her on that.  If it were “pet-friendly” it wouldn’t have made my eyes water.  And, it wouldn’t have stunk!

Right now, she has stopped cleaning.  I am very happy about that.  However, I know it’s only a matter of time before she begins again.  So, I need your help cats. Have any of your human/s turned into clean freaks?  If so, what did you do about that?  Please post soon.  You may be saving me from death by cleaning!