The Cats Who Live Outside of my Window

OK, cats.  Now, I’m going to finally tell you more about the secret world outside of my window. Today, I’m going to talk about the cats that I am friends with.  Naturally, Mom doesn’t have a clue about this. I have typed about some of them before, but I want to tell you more about them.  Here are the names and descriptions of the cats I talk to the most:

Herb:  Herb is a good looking cat, and he knows it!  He has beautiful ebony fur like I do.  And, he knows how to sweet-talk a girl.  So, it’s no wonder that I thought of him first!  Herb is one of those cats who like it outside.  He says he loves his freedom, but I think he likes to be free to flirt with all of the female cats in our neighborhood.  He’s funny too.  He says things to me like, “Come away with me, Grace.  I will show you a new world and love you forever.”  When he says that, I just laugh at him.  My experience with a smooth-talking tomcat taught me not to believe in promises like that.   However, when Herb’s not hitting on me, we have some really nice talks 🙂 And yes, I like to flirt with him.  I’m fixed, not dead!

Trixie:  Trixie is a beautiful black and white cat, who has a home and gets to go outside.  She is my best friend.  We gossip about the other cats and humans in the neighborhood.  And, we laugh about the silly things that our humans do.  Best of all, we figure out how to make our humans do what we want. I love her, but I don’t like it when she flirts with Herb!

Angelina:  Angelina is a pretty calico cat, and she’s nice too.  She’s another cat who has a home, but is allowed to go outside.  Angelina has a way of coming along when I need her the most, including the times when I get into fights with Mom.  She always gives me good advice, and talks me out of clawing Mom in the face.  Sometimes I think Angelina is a cat angel!

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