Help! We’re Having Computer Problems

Hi cats.  I’m typing this to let you know that I may not post for a few days because Mom and I are having computer problems.  This started when Mom had trouble getting the computer to boot up.  That led to her making a phone call to the people who made our computer.  The person on the phone worked on our computer for an hour.  However, all that they did was make it worse.  So, Mom has to call them again.  I hope that she gets someone who knows what they are doing this time.  Then, I’ll be able to write my blog, and Mom will be able to work on the computer when I’m not using it.

In the meantime, please pray for me cats.  I am dealing with a Mom who is a crazed maniac! She is so obsessed with how the computer is doing that when she got home tonight, she asked the computer how it was doing before even looking at me. That is unfair.  I should be more important to her than a miserable machine that seems bent on self-destruction!  If she keeps this up, she may find some mysterious claw marks on her when she wakes up tomorrow.  Or, I’ll throw up on her shoes!

I’ve got to go, though.  She’s looking at me and I don’t want her to see what I just typed.  Type to you later, cats (I hope!)