I’m Changing my Name to Tommaso!

I just heard about the cat in Italy, Tommaso, that inherited 13 million dollars from his owner. My first thought was, Finally, a human who had their priorities straight!  Mom read me two articles from human publications that told his story: The Daily Telegraph by Nick Squires, and an ABC news blog written by Kevin Dolak. The ABC article had a picture of Tommaso in it. When I looked at it, I saw he looks just like me!  So, I wondered if I could switch places with him. After all, I am a black cat with green eyes. Then I figured out that that probably wouldn’t work. I think they’d notice that I’m not a boy cat.

Next, I thought of e-mailing him and conning getting him to marry me. I gave up on that idea when Mom told me that his email address is being hidden so no one can kidnap or con him. So, for now, I guess I’m going to be Grace. However, I am posting this for you, Tommaso, in case you ever visit this blog. Tommaso, if you are looking for a wife, I am the cat for you! I’ve got to go, though. I have to continue looking for Callie. Type to you later, cats! Oh—and please pass this message on to Tommaso if you know him. Thanks!