Yowwl! We Are Having Computer Problems—Again!

Hello cats.  I can only type for a few minutes because I am using a connection that Mom’s neighbor was nice enough to supply.  I wanted to let you know that our computer is back in the shop.  Mom is not happy about this, and neither am I.  I am now stuck with a Mom who, again, is going through C.W.S (Computer Withdrawal Syndrome).

All I can say is pray for me cats!  I am trying to help my Mom get through this.  However, she is driving me crazy!  She needs all kinds of attention, and constantly wants to play with me, and—

“Gray-cee!  Come here and let’s play with the bird-ee.  Isn’t it great that we have all of this time to bond now that I don’t have the computer?

Oh no!  The nightmare begins . . .

Gotta go cats!  I will type to you soon—I hope!