The Stray: Part Two

I’m back, cats.  Angelina just came over to say, “Hi.”  However, trying to guard our home from Mom’s potential suitors, and other cats who want to come to live with us, has kept me busy.

OK, back to the story of the Stray.  I had to put up with my Mom worrying about that cat until she left to go out with some friends.  And, when the Stray saw that my Mom was gone, it stopped talking to me.  But then, it did something crazy—it headed over to our neighbor with the big dog’s house!  So, I yelled, “Don’t go over there!  You’ll get killed.  That dog is mean!”

The Stray gave me a dirty look.  Then it said, “I can go wherever I want to.  Maybe those people will take me in.  I need a home, and you’ve made very clear that you don’t want to share your home with me!”

I felt about two inches tall when the Stray said that to me.  And I felt even worse when my friends across the street yowled, “Grace, we can’t believe that you are so selfish.  If that kitten gets killed, it’ll be your fault!”  So, I told the Stray, “Look, if you stay by my house, I’ll see what I can do.  Now, you are not moving in here.  But, maybe my Mom can put you in a cage outside of the apartment or something.”

The Stray ignored me, and continued to walk toward our neighbor’s home, as their scary dog barked at it.  It even told the dog, “I don’t care how mean you are. I’ve got claws, and I know how to use them.  So, get ready for a new housemate!”  The dog looked ready to kill the kitten after it said that.  So, my friends and I distracted it by yowling at it.  It got so busy trying to attack us that it forgot about the kitten.  And, that manipulative cat got one of our neighbor’s children to feel sorry for it.  So, everyone in that house tried to help the Stray while protecting it from their dog.  I figured that my job was done, and went to sleep.

I woke up when Mom came home.  She greeted me, and then grabbed a baggie and stuffed it with my food.  Then, I watched her knock on our neighbor’s door and give them my food so that the “poor kitten wouldn’t starve.”  I didn’t like her giving my food away.  However, I was happy that the Stray was no longer trying to get into my home.  So, I let her get away with that.  After that, both of us went to sleep.

The next day, both Mom and I looked out of the window.  We both got scared when we saw that the Stray was gone.  Mom tried to find out what happened.  She discovered that a couple in a car had asked if the kitten had a home.  Then, they said they’d take it to Animal Control.  Now, I didn’t like the Stray, but I don’t wish Animal Control on any cat.  So, I prayed, OK, God.  You win.  If that cat comes back, it can stay with us—but could you please let it stay outside of our apartment in a cage?  I heard a heavenly sigh, so I added, Oh, all right, God.  It can stay here! I think I heard Him say, Good girl.  I was happy when He said that, although I was still not thrilled about the idea of sharing my home.

However, Mom and I never saw the Stray again.  I have a feeling that it’s OK, though.  That cat could make the Animal Control people take it home.  And, Mom found a dead bird right by the entrance of our apartment last week.  I’m pretty sure that it was a thank-you present from the Stray to Mom for feeding it.  So, I’m happy that the Stray is OK, and I’m even happier that I don’t have to share my home with it.  Type to you later, cats!