Help! It’s Getting Crazy Around Here!

I have to say that in the last two days, Mom has scared me. Things began to get crazy around here when she began putting up that strange thing that humans call a “Christmas tree.” At first, Mom was singing Christmas carols about Jesus while she put together the phoniest-looking tree that I’ve ever seen. That was nice.  But then, as she kept working on it, her mood changed.  She snarled.  She growled.  She kept saying things like, “Who is the idiot who designed this Christmas tree?” and “Why didn’t the cretins who designed this tree make the plugs easier to find?  I could string my own lights faster than trying to get this miserable thing to light up!”  I have never seen her act this way. So, please pray for me, cats!  And, if you want to, please pray for my Mom to be normal again. Thanks!