Now I’m On That Hussy’s—OOPS Mimi’s Side Too

Hi cats.  I am sorry that I didn’t post sooner.  I was so furious with That Hussy and Herb that I spent all of my time glaring at them out of the window like this:







At first, that felt good.  However, I got lonely because no one was talking to me.  My friends even hissed,“Meanie!” at me.  I didn’t like that.  So, I prayed, God, this isn’t fair.  That Hussy has everyone feeling sorry for her when she stole my boyfriend.  Could you please help me get revenge on her, and that Herb too?

All I heard was silence.  So, I added, Oh, all right, God.  I won’t do anything real bad to her because I don’t want to hurt her kittens Just let me give her one good claw in the face!

Again, there was silence.  Then, a still small Voice said; Remember what it was like when you were pregnant and living outside, Grace?

After He said that, I had no choice but to remember a part of my life that I’d hoped to forget forever. So, I remembered what it was like when I was expecting kittens and living on the street.  I remember trying to eat as much as possible so that my kittens would be born healthy.  That was hard, though, since there wasn’t much food available outside.  I begged God to help me back then—and he did, because I managed to keep myself and my unborn kittens alive.

Worst of all, I remembered how mean all of the cats in my old neighborhood were to me.  They called me bad names and hissed at me.  And, the girl-cat whose boyfriend I stole threatened to kill me.  I was terrified when she said that. Thankfully, her friends talked her out of doing that.  None of them ever helped me, though.  I ended up having my kittens alone by a dumpster.  That was the worst day of my life.

Suddenly, a cat’s cry interrupted my memories.  It was That Hussy Mimi. She was crying bitterly.  As she cried, she sobbed, “How will I ever get enough food so that my kittens are born healthy?  And, where is that Herb?  He said he loved me, but now he’s gone.  Now what will I do?”

After what I remembered, I knew what I had to do.  So, I went to my window and gave Mimi a crash course on how to survive being outside and pregnant.  Here is a picture of me doing that.  You can’t see Mimi because she’s by the dumpster:







I’m glad I did this because all of my friends are talking to me again.  Angelina even said that she is proud of me.  And, I thought I heard a Voice say Good girl.  That made me purr.  I have to go, though.  This has been a long post, and my paws are tired.  Type to you later, cats!

I Have Friends Again!

Hi cats. I know that I promised to tell you about the cat veterans, but first I wanted to let you know that I have friends again! After I typed my last post, I went to the window. I didn’t see my friends right away because all of them are hiding in shady spots because it is very hot in my neighborhood. I was pretty sure that they were in earshot though. So, I yelled, “Hey! Everybody! I am sorry that I yelled at you and said I never wanted to speak to you again. That was wrong.”

I waited for them to respond. It was a long wait. I was about to walk away from the window and give up when Angelina came out. To my surprise, she was crying. Then she said, “Grace, it is so good to have you back. All of us were scared that we lost you to that catnip forever!” I started crying too and replied, “Thanks to God, Ebony and her friends, I’m back. And, I don’t plan on ever using that stuff again!

After I said that, everyone came out and told me they were glad that I was back to normal. I couldn’t believe how nice they were to me after I’d been so mean to them. All of us had a nice talk, but they had to go back into the shade. When it’s 104 degrees out, cats have to keep themselves cool!

So, I jumped out of the window and went to lie down in the coolest part of our apartment. There, I thanked God that I had my friends back. And, I made a vow that with His help that I will stay away from catnip—forever. And, I really believe that I can do that, one day at time.

I have to go because I am tired. I promise that I will tell you about a few of the cat veterans that helped our country (the U.S.A.) and many other countries to be free in my next post. Until then, again, please feel free to e-mail me if you have a catnip problem. It will help me to help you.

I Was Wrong

In my last post, I told you how angry I was with Angelina. I could not believe that she said that I’d forgotten where I’d come from!  Those are fighting words to me, and to any cat that once lived on the streets, or in a shelter.

So, I decided I’d make this the best blog in the world.   However, before I could post anything, I heard Mom talking to a friend on the phone.  She said that our blog has a zero page rank on Google.  This is really bad, since web pages can have a page rank of up to ten.  Even worse, Mom said that from what she can see, there is practically no one visiting our site except for bots and spammers.  I wanted to cry when I heard that.  I realized that I wasn’t going to get rich and famous anytime soon.  So, I decided that I’d pretend I hadn’t tried to claw Angelina and say, “Hi.” to my friends.  Well, that didn’t work.   Would you believe that all of those cats turned their backs on me?

As you can see, I was very upset:







So, I prayed, God, this isn’t fair.  I do remember where I came from!  Please make my friends like me again. Then, a word came to my mind:  Remember.  And, that’s what I did.  I remembered what life was like when I lived out on the streets.  The memories were so real that they felt like they were happening now. Here are a few of the things I remembered:

The Cold Day:  There was a day that I was so cold that I couldn’t even feel my paws.  And, all of the warm spots like the boxes in people’s yards, or air ducts were taken by other cats.  I finally saw an igloo that a child had made.  I climbed into it.  At least I had some shelter.

The Snowstorm:  One day, it was snowing so hard that I couldn’t see one foot in front of me.  I had never seen so much snow in my life!  I was terrified.  Then, I heard a cat that I’d gotten into a fight with say, “Hey, you!  Come huddle with us.”  I was scared that she was trying to trap me, but I went and huddled with her and the other cats anyway.  There was nothing else that I could do.  I knew that if I didn’t join them, I’d freeze to death.

Being Hungry:  I remembered how hungry I used to be.  I was lucky if I found food in a dumpster.  Sometimes I got sick from that food, but I had to eat it.  Otherwise I would have starved to death.

Well, you get the idea.  After I remembered, I prayed, OK, God.  I did forget.  Please stop these memories from coming to me.  And, He did.  However, I feel horrible now.  I don’t blame my friends for being mad at me.  While I was snoozing in my pet bed, they almost froze to death.  And, I did nothing to help them.  That was wrong.  So, I am going back to the window.  I really need to apologize to Angelina.  Then, I will tell my friends how sorry I am.  Last, I will let them know that I am willing to help them the next time the weather gets bad around here.  I’m not sure if they’ll forgive me, but I have to try.  In the meantime, please pray that my friends will accept my apology, cats!