Humans Eat Tapeworms to Lose Weight!

Yes, cats you read that right.  Some humans deliberately eat tapeworms in order to lose weight.  They call this, “The Tapeworm Diet.”  I call it plain insanity!

I first found out about this when Mom told me about a Tyra Show that she watched in the break room at work.  There were two women on the show.  Both of them felt they weighed too much and decided to eat tapeworms so that they’d lose weight.  Tyra and the other people on the show showed them that people get these worms from cow poop (yuck!).  Then she showed how cows are force-fed the worms so that they’ll produce more.  Then, the cows are killed so that these worms can be harvested for human consumption.

Next, a doctor came out on the show and explained what will happen to the humans who eat tapeworms. He told the women that they were risking their lives if they choose to go on this “diet”  Then, he and the show’s producers, showed a gross picture of a big tapeworm to show how big it gets inside of people!  Would you believe that these tapeworms can live for twenty years, and grow (the ones that are in beef, anyway!) up to twelve feet long?!  And, the tapeworms can split up inside of their intestines and turn into little caterpillar-like things that can crawl out of their nether regions and go down their legs.  Worst of all, they can spread throughout the humans’ bodies, and can get into their lungs or liver.  They can even go into their brains and cause seizures or insanity.

I know . . . this is disgusting.   However, I wanted you cats to know the depth of some humans’ insanity.  Even my Mom said that she thought that diet was a good idea “for a minute.”  I am glad that she knows the truth now.  We’ll pray for those humans who don’t, and for the poor cows that are being slaughtered in the name of human weight loss.

Oh, and a word to the tapeworm harvesters.   I strongly suggest you don’t ever try this with me or any other cat.  If you do, we will claw your arms off!