All Is Well With Mimi and Her Kittens :-)

Hi cats.  I am happy to tell you that all is well with Mimi and her kittens.  It took about five hours for her four kittens to be born.  Mimi was scared at first, but then, just like I told her, her instincts took over.  So, she was able to give birth to her kittens, chew open the sacs that all new kittens are born in, and lick her new babies until they were clean.  She even had the nerve to tell me to go away after her first kitten was born because, in her words, “I know what I’m doing and I don’t need your help, Grace!”

I stuck around anyway to make sure that things would be OK.  And, they are.  As I write this, Mimi and her kittens are safe and sound in their hiding place which is pictured here:

And, I am happy that I got to be a part of new kittens being born into this world.  I’ve got to go, though.  All of this birthing babies stuff has made me tired.  So, I am going to sleep before those brats kittens start mewing for milk again.  I’ll tell you about what’s been going on with me and that Mom of mine in my next post.  Until then, good night and may God Bless all of you.

Grace the Unappreciated Birth Coach

<A few seconds later . . .>