Help! My Mom’s Job Search Is Driving Her Crazy!

Hi cats. I am going to have to make this a quick post because my Mom has been hogging the computer.  She is searching for a new job, and this process is driving her crazy!  I am really worried about her.  Here a just a few of the things that she’s done so far:

  • Screaming things like, “What is wrong with this idiotic software?  I can’t even upload my resume!” and, “How could anyone live on this salary?!”
  • Almost killing our computer by accidentally pulling its plug out while trying to find the thingy that tells her whether or not she’s typing in caps.
  • Growling at the computer as she takes what she calls “Psych Tests”.

Well, you get the idea.  She is not in good shape.  So, if you wish, please pray for her cats.  She needs it!  I have to go, though.  We are going to have a Council of Cats about how to help Mimi and her kittens.  I’ll tell you more about that in my next post.

Please Pray for My Mom!

Hi cats.  How are you?  Hope all is well with you!

I thought that everything was OK when my friends finally figured out that Sheba was a liar.  Well, I was wrong.  Last Sunday, my Mom woke up, looked at me and said, “Grace, the room is spinning!”  I thought that she was joking, but I gave her a snuggie anyway.  She wasn’t.  Mom had a real dizzy spell that she used a fancy word for—vertigo. So, I am really worried about her:





I wish I could say that she rushed to the doctor.  Sadly, I can’t.  I think my Mom hates going to the doctor as much as I hate going to the vet.  So, she went back to sleep, and waited until the next day to see a doctor at a clinic. Since it was the holiday that humans call, “Memorial Day”, there was almost no one at the clinic that Mom went to.  However, after doing almost nothing, the doctor told Mom that she probably was OK, and that “there is no need for any blood work or other tests to be done.”  Mom was happy to hear that, but I think that doctor was crazy.   I mean, even the vet probably would have run tests on me if I’d gotten dizzy.

So far, Mom is OK.  She worked last week, and even laid out in the sun today.  Still, I think that she needs to be looked over by her doctor.  I mean, if she forces me to go to the vet even when there’s nothing wrong with me, she should have to do the same thing!  And, her telling me that she’s already found a home for me if she dies is not doing anything for my peace of mind.

So, I’m asking for your help cats.  Please pray for my Mom!  And, if you can think of any way for me to persuade her to go to the doctor, please post your ideas.  Thanks!

Please Pray for Me—My Mom Going through Caffeine Withdrawal!

Hello, cats.  This is going to be a quick post because I don’t want that woman to discover what I’m typing about.  Cats, I need your help and prayers over here.  My Mom is going through caffeine withdrawal!

This started when she went to someone called The Doctor, which I guess is the human equivalent of a vet.  The Doctor advised Mom to cut down on her coffee.  So, she is trying to do that.  However, she is driving me and everyone around her crazy while she is doing that.

First, she is very crabby.  She yelled at me this morning for playing!  OK, I have to admit that while she was trying to sleep, I was tossing my (fake) mouse right by her head, which woke her up.  Still, I don’t think I deserved to have her yell, “Hey! I am trying to sleep here.  If you throw that mouse one more time, it’s flying off of this bed and so are you!”  Thankfully, she didn’t follow through on that threat since she fell back asleep.  I still think that was mean, though.

Second, she almost jumped the coffeepot this morning so she could get her reduced caffeine fix.  After drinking a smaller amount of coffee than she usually does, she kept saying things like, “I don’t care what that doctor says.  I want more coffee—now!” and, “If this is supposed to make me calmer, why am I ready to kill someone?”  I stayed away from her when she said that!

Third, she is telling all of her friends how much better she feels with less caffeine in her system.  Well, I’m here to tell you that that’s a lie.  She is more of a frenzied wreck now than she was when she drank her normal amount of coffee.   And—

Oh no, here she comes! I’ve got to go cats. Please pray for me.  Also, if you have any suggestions about how to handle a human who is going through caffeine withdrawal, please post. I really need your help. Thanks!

Help! It’s Getting Crazy Around Here!

I have to say that in the last two days, Mom has scared me. Things began to get crazy around here when she began putting up that strange thing that humans call a “Christmas tree.” At first, Mom was singing Christmas carols about Jesus while she put together the phoniest-looking tree that I’ve ever seen. That was nice.  But then, as she kept working on it, her mood changed.  She snarled.  She growled.  She kept saying things like, “Who is the idiot who designed this Christmas tree?” and “Why didn’t the cretins who designed this tree make the plugs easier to find?  I could string my own lights faster than trying to get this miserable thing to light up!”  I have never seen her act this way. So, please pray for me, cats!  And, if you want to, please pray for my Mom to be normal again. Thanks!

Callie Is Missing!

Hi cats.  I have some bad news to report.  Callie is missing!  Now, in case you don’t know who Callie is, here is an excerpt taken from one of my previous posts:

“Callie is a brown tabby kitten whose humans abandoned her.  She lives in an empty house down the street.  She is cute, so some humans feed her.  No one has given her a home though 🙁   I give her advice, and try to let her know that God loves her.  She doesn’t always believe me, though, because He hasn’t answered her prayer for a home of her own yet . . . .”(Excerpted from my 10/21/11 post).

As you’ve just read, Callie is a naive kitten who has been praying for a home of her own.  I just hope that she didn’t take matters into her own paws and get herself into trouble!  I found out that she was missing from Herb.  He told me that after none of the cats in the neighborhood had seen Callie for a few days, they figured that she was hiding in the abandoned house that she lives in.  So, they went to check on her.  Sadly, after a through catspection, the cats found out that she wasn’t there.  So, they looked everywhere in our neighborhood for her.  So far, no one has even found her paw prints.  Worst of all, Cilly told me that Callie was headed to my house to talk to me about a home that she was thinking about trying to get into.  Unfortunately, I think she visited me when Mom twapped me on the head with the pet bed.  So, I never got to talk to her.  I feel awful about that. I have to go, though. Herb has called a Council of Cats.  I will post later to tell you about what we have decided to do about this scary situation!